Is Using Shower Curtains To Winterize Your Patio A Good Idea?

Whether you love enjoying a favorite book with coffee early in the morning or watching a late-night thunderstorm, many homeowners spend as much time on their patios as they do inside their homes. There's nothing quite like sitting outside in your own little space and enjoying the fresh air. But, it gets more difficult as we progress into the frigid winter months. While you can pay thousands to have your outdoor spaces professionally winterized, others opt for more inexpensive do-it-yourself methods to protect their homes. One well-known method is utilizing clear shower curtains to temporarily winterize your patio on a budget.

Although it's cheaper, some flaws come with the shower curtain alternative. For one, the space can get stuffy, especially if you put a small heater in there. Still, clear shower curtains will allow sunlight to come through, naturally heating the space and forming a cozy, inviting space to gather. It's also important to note that this method does not completely seal your patio, meaning that the snow, sleet, rain, and hail that often come with winter could find ways to sneak in. Luckily, there are ways to combat this and ensure your space is as secure and cozy as possible this winter.

And while clear shower curtains provide a way to enjoy the view, you can always use patterned curtains or solid-colored curtains for a completely different effect — and for upgrading that patio table, too.

Making it work

Shower curtains aren't just for bathrooms anymore. Some people use them to warm their homes in winter, as well as their patios. To execute this particular hack, use a measuring tape to find the length of each open side that you plan on enclosing, as well as the height of the ceiling to the floor. These measurements will tell you exactly the size and amount of shower curtains you need to purchase, along with how much cord you will need. Then head to your local hardware store and purchase your shower curtains, spool of cord, and heavy-duty screw eye hooks. While dependent on the size of your space, the cost should be rather affordable; you might be able to complete the job for under $20.

Once you have your materials, secure the screw eyes to the inside corner of your patio's overhang, adding more along the perimeter for extra support. Next, cut your cable a foot longer than the perimeter of your patio, thread it through each eye screw, and tie the two ends securely where they meet at the first screw. Add your shower curtains to the line, and your patio is ready for winter. If you're looking for a bit more weather protection, you can attach Velcro strips to the bottoms and sides of each curtain and connect them to corner posts, the floor, and one another. Once spring rolls around, simply remove the curtains from the line, rinse them off, and store them in a dry place until next winter.