How To Bring The Stunning Curvy Cabinet Trend Into Your Home

Straight, sharp lines in design make a space feel well-planned and structured, which is why they are associated with the subsection of decor styles that has anything to do with the term "modern." That has been changing, though, as rounded edges become more common in modern interior design even though they are less structured and more playful. With their softness, round shapes and curves relax the eye and create a sense of ease. Cue the curvy cabinet trend. With freestanding units with arched tops to door designs and full sets, you can use curvy cabinets to soften any space.

Design trend enthusiasts will be familiar with the recent trend of adding curved furniture like sofas, islands, tables, chairs, and rugs to interior spaces. Wherever they're placed, they make it more inviting because they add a dash of charm. Curvy cabinets take this to a whole new level since cabinets are one of the main things that take up visual attention in a room. Because of this, they tend to steer the vibe.

Curved cabinets for different spaces

The cool thing about the round shape is that, unlike straight lines, you can choose from different levels of curvature. This gives you options for your cabinets because their curves can be as slight or as noticeable as you want them to be. You can also decide where to place the curves. The curves can be on the top of the cabinets, like fully arched doors or just arched panels, or they can be the entire form of the cabinets, making them completely round by taking away the sharp edges. 

Curved cabinets with blunt corners in the kitchen or curved freestanding cabinets in a living or dining room can make these spaces feel less serious and less cramped. Wayfair has a compact, half-circle, wooden cabinet for $400. With a nice geometric pattern and slightly distressed look, it can be placed against the wall in your living room or bedroom to add some character to the scene. Wayfair also has a tall, French dining room cabinet that's made of wood with vintage wallpaper in the back. At around $1,640, it is great for displaying anything from glassware to decorative vases. Curved kitchen cabinet sets may be trickier to find because a lot of the ones we've seen out there are tailor-made, so seek out furniture makers that specialize in bespoke designs. One example is BristowMather, a US-based design studio.

Add complementary elements

After introducing curved cabinets, you need to choose the right elements to highlight and complement them because more straight lines than curves may break up the smooth, visual flow you're trying to maintain. Rounded edges and shapes on things like islands, tables, and chairs can help since they are also major parts of the kitchen. Arched windows or archways leading into main rooms like the living room or kitchen are bigger design choices, but they are also good elements to add. 

When curves are introduced into a space, they bring a playful and whimsical feeling into it. This can be further boosted by adding bold colors and patterns as well. Pastel colors and intricate wallpaper designs are some examples of unique elements that can complement curved cabinets. Texture also plays a role. By adding more softness through something like the chair cushions at your island or dining table, you decorate with curved furniture to enhance the effect of the cabinets.