TikTok's Under-Cabinet Spice Storage Trick Is Beyond Clever

In a lot of kitchens, you can find a section of a top cabinet dedicated to the spices. The chosen section is typically roomy enough to contain all the bottles and containers, and it's easy to reach when prepping or cooking food. However, it might be hard to keep organized and you might be constantly digging through to find a bottle that's been pushed to the back. In this TikTok, the creator shows a nice storage trick that involves installing a fold-down rack at the bottom of the top cabinets. This simple addition can serve as a great place to store your spices and keep them organized. 

There are various spice storage solutions. You can get small shelves or tiered trays to keep on the counter, and you can even get wall clips to hang them up, but under-cabinet spice racks are great for keeping them out of sight but still organized. This type of spice rack can be homemade or bought. Amazon has a ready-made rack that can hold between 16 and 32 spice containers based on their sizes. It only needs to be screwed in and costs $46. You can also get a custom rack from Etsy. Made to fit the dimensions and color of your cabinets, it starts at $80 and includes the hardware for you to install it yourself. For DIY enthusiasts who want a more involved project, you can create one from scratch. 

DIY under-cabinet spice rack

The TikTok features a fold-down storage compartment with hinges to hold it up and a latch to open and close it. To make this from scratch, first measure the space under your cabinet to get the dimensions you need for the wood base, and then get fitting pieces for the sides. In this TikTok, the user made the sides by milling 3/4 inch pieces out of a 2x4 wood piece, but you can make the sides for your rack bigger if you need more space. You can get plain wood from any home improvement store and paint or stain it to match your cabinets. You'll also need under-cabinet hinges and a quality window latch lock. The hinges and lock should be sturdy and flexible so you can open and close the rack smoothly. Amazon has a two-piece set of hinges specifically made for this type of pull-down rack for about $80; Home Depot has a window sash for $7.

When you've made your under-cabinet rack, you can now load up your spices. This is a good time to do some decluttering. Check the expiration dates (yes, spices expire!) and throw out any expired ones, as they've lost their taste and potency. If you want a more organized spice storage system or if some containers are too big to fit, you can pour the spices into small, glass jars with labels before arranging them in the new rack.