DIY Extra Storage For Your Kitchen With This Easy Dollar Tree Broom Hack

Stylish kitchen storage is always a challenge, particularly for those things you are constantly reaching for. Mugs and other dishware spend a lot of time stacked in closed cabinets, but can often be a fun part of your decor when displayed out in the open. TikTok user @hometalk recently showed off a great hack using Dollar Tree items to build a sleek and adorable rack for displaying favorite mugs and plates using two broomsticks and metal over-the-door coat hooks. The project is easy, inexpensive, and rivals many rack designs you can find in home stores for much more money.

To create this hack, you will also need some zip ties and your desired shade of spray paint. Not only is this DIY project doable for under $10, but you can adapt it fully to fit your kitchen design style and or size of wall space by varying how many hooks you use and how you cut down your broomsticks. It would look equally great above a coffee bar on an empty wall or tucked in a tight spot under cabinets.

Making a rack for mugs

Begin by painting your door hooks and broom handles. Then, using a small hand saw or serrated knife, cut both broomsticks down to your desired size, leaving the plastic portion at the top with the hole (this is how you will attach it to the wall.) Place the broomstick pieces parallel to each other, with the coat hooks placed an equal distance vertically apart from each other. You can leave more or less space between them depending on whether you will be displaying larger or smaller plates and mugs. Use zip ties to fasten the sides of the wire hooks to the brooms. Once hung, you can add your dishware to your new rack. 

Some TikTok users suggested a dab of hot glue or other adhesive at the zip tie to make sure it is stable and does not slide. Customize your new rack by adding some greenery or vines around it to achieve a modern farmhouse look, or paint it a chic silver or copper to look like metal. This rack works great for dishware, but can also be used in other places in your home for low-cost storage of hanging items, including hats, accessories like scarves or belts, or jewelry. While great in the kitchen, it would also work well in an entryway, mudroom, or garage to hold items like reusable totes, gardening supplies, or pet leashes.