Why Yellow Isn't A Great Choice For Your Kitchen

Given that the kitchen is often a hub of activity where people spend considerable time, it's natural to want to enhance its visual appeal, with the paint color being a key element. A key aspect of this appeal is the choice of paint color. The color of a room can significantly influence the mood and ambiance of a space. Therefore, it's crucial for homeowners to thoughtfully select kitchen colors that contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere, steering clear of hues that might create an unwelcoming experience.

When choosing kitchen paint colors, many interior designers steer clear of bright or warm yellow. Although yellow is a vibrant and cheerful hue, it may not be the best fit for a kitchen setting. This sentiment is echoed by many, and it was even reported that a yellow kitchen can decrease a home's value by an average of $820. The worst shade? Canary-yellow tones.

What makes yellow not ideal for the kitchen?

In 2022, interior design expert Ryan McDonough told Express.co.uk that homeowners should steer clear of warm colors. As he says it, "Bright reds, oranges and yellows, although cheerful and energetic, also make kitchens feel hot. Whereas your kitchen wants to appear cool and calm. After all, no one likes to feel hot and flustered while cooking." The vibrant intensity of yellow, in particular, can contribute to an overly energetic or chaotic atmosphere. Considering that the kitchen is a hub of activity, the goal is to create a space that feels enjoyable and inviting rather than adding to the sense of chaos.

The dominance of this color can also overpower other finer details of your kitchen and diminish its overall aesthetic impact in the kitchen space. This includes the meticulous arrangement of your teacups and the design of your artistic light fixtures. It's also important to consider the natural light your kitchen receives. The combination of natural sunlight with yellow paint can amplify the room's brightness, which can be hard on the eyes. This warmth can also make the space feel uncomfortably hot.

That doesn't mean yellow can never be a part of your kitchen decor, though. You just have to be careful about it. 

The right way to add yellow to your kitchen

If you really want to incorporate yellow into the decor of your kitchen, consider using it in moderation to avoid overwhelming the space. Opting for yellow cabinets, rather than painting all the walls in bold yellow, can be a balanced approach. Alternatively, you can pick a neutral color for the walls and introduce yellow through accent pieces like containers and bar stools, adding pops of color without dominating the room.

Also, if you're intent on yellow as the dominant color, interior designer Amy Youngblood suggests getting a less vibrant, more greenish yellow (for example, Farrow & Ball's Farrow's Cream). As Youngblood tells Livingetc., "These cooler colors create a sense of calmness, and creams and white will actually make the space feel brighter."

If you're drawn to a brighter yellow, select a sophisticated shade like PPG Paint's Brass Mesh. To balance its intensity, complement it with white countertops, which can help soften the warmth and maintain a harmonious look in the kitchen.