The IKEA Mirror That Levels Up Your Bedroom Storage Space

Mirrors are part of our everyday lives; we always have to check how good our outfit looks. However, we know the struggle it is to find the perfect mirror for your space, especially long-length mirrors with a sleek, chic look at an affordable price. Scrolling online for hours to find the best mirror can be frustrating. Look no further: IKEA has a stylish GRANVÅG mirror that's tall and has a unique storage feature. If you have minimal storage in your bedroom, this could be the perfect solution to maximizing storage space for all your accessories. The mirror pulls out from the wall, revealing small hooks where you can hang your jewelry, scarves, ties, beanies, etc., and keep them in one easy spot. Plus, IKEA's mirror won't put a dent in your bank account – you can purchase it for $109.99.

Most standing mirrors lean against the wall, taking up floor space, while wall mirrors are hung directly on the wall, but they don't typically have any extra helpful features. IKEA's wall mirror is easy to hang with only four screws and doesn't require additional tools to install the hinges for the mirror to retract since it's already attached. Easy installation and a storage element set this mirror apart from others. Plus, it can help make your small space look bigger. We gathered feedback from customer reviews online to disclose every bit of information you need to know so you can decide whether this mirror is suitable for your bedroom.

Customers find the mirror functional

Many user reviews from TikTok and IKEA find the GRANVÅG mirror to be functional, stylish, and easy to assemble. There were many customers who claimed they enjoyed how much storage the mirror offers and how it fits perfectly in their rooms with minimal space. It has a 3.4-star rating on IKEA. One buyer from IKEA stated: "Due to limited mounting space in our bedroom, the swing-out feature of this mirror works perfectly for us. The hooks and storage above for small items behind the mirror is a great bonus." The mirror is assembled with the attached swing-out feature, so all you have to do is hang it on your bedroom wall. It fits perfectly in the tightest spaces, making it the ideal addition if your bedroom is small.

If you find that your vanity or dresser holds one too many accessories or you don't have an extra drawer to store your beanies, hats, and scarves, then the IKEA mirror is a must-have for your bedroom. The additional storage behind the mirror door will free up space on your dresser and vanity so that it's less cluttered and allows you to add other personal items or small décor, such as photo frames, candles, books, etc., but it does have a few downsides.

The mirror can be tricky to install and arrive damaged

While it provides additional storage and takes up minimal space in a small bedroom, there are a few cons to consider. Some user reviews claim that the mirror was delivered damaged or they had difficulty installing it. Even though it's designed to be installed with solely four screws, some customers had trouble attaching the screws to the brackets due to the bar blocking some of the holes in the brackets. It also requires precise measurements when installing the brackets because the bar must align with them to insert the screws. There is little wiggle room when measuring to install the mounts, so patience is definitely required if you think this gadget is for you. In addition to these cons, multiple IKEA customers claimed their mirrors arrived slightly damaged with bent corners or small cracks. One IKEA customer said they ordered two mirrors, and both had missing screws.

All of this feedback was gathered from online reviews like IKEA and TikTok. IKEA asked their customers to rate the product based on a five-star system where they evaluated the installation process, value for the money, product quality, appearance, and whether the mirror works as expected. The IKEA reviewers were equally split between positive and negative, but the TikTok reviews boosted the positive feedback.