Create Showstopping Home Decor With This TikTok-Approved DIY Clock

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Finding the most impressive home decor at retail or thrift stores can be exhausting. You walk down the aisles of lamps, artwork, vases, pottery, mirrors, clocks, etc., and scan all the shelves, looking for the perfect items to display around your home. Even though you can get lucky finding exquisite pieces, there are times when you buy something that doesn't catch your eye but will fill a neglected nook in your home. For instance, many people purchase clocks without overthinking if they'll complement their home because there are many simple designs in different colors. However, when you're looking for an eye-catching clock, they can be expensive. Instead of settling for a basic clock or spending too much on a fancy one, you can DIY a showstopping clock using epoxy resin.

TikTok user @atouchofglam1 spray painted a round piece of plywood and covered it with epoxy in various shimmering pigments to create a stunning geode-design clock. You can completely customize this design to complement the rest of your home decor. This hack works on any sized plywood. All you need is round plywood from Home Depot ($17), spray paint, a 3D frameless wall clock from Amazon ($16), a heat gun, a hair dryer, resin from Amazon ($22), pearl powder pigments, silver flakes, paintbrushes, crushed glass, silver glitters, and small clear diamonds. You can find most of the supplies at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.

DIYing your resin clock

Once you have all your materials, set them up outside or in your garage to prevent making a mess inside. First, spray-paint the plywood's entire surface and sides. Allow the paint to completely dry. Then, mix equal parts of your epoxy resin in a plastic cup, stirring the contents until thoroughly combined. Split the mixture into multiple cups and mix your pearl powders into each cup to create different resin colors. TikTok user @atouchofglam1 used an off-white base and silver hues for her clock. Apply the base color to the entire plywood surface, spreading it with your hands or a hair dryer to get a smooth finish. Use a heat gun to remove air bubbles.

Next, create different patterns with the pearl pigments, using a wooden stick to blend them with the base. Once you make your patterns, use the hair dryer to spread the pigment to create a marble effect. You can end here and top it with a clear resin to seal everything or add crushed glass or diamonds to create a geode effect and give your clock some sparkle. If you add the glass, apply a layer of resin to seal it, and use your heat gun to spread and cure it. You can top it off with extra glitter. After the resin dries and sets, outline the patterns with a silver metallic marker to add definition. Finally, attach the frameless clock to your finished board and hang it in any room.

Ways to customize your resin clock

This DIY works because you're creating a base for the frameless wall clock. It wouldn't work so well if you were trying to upgrade a clock you already have at home because you can't remove the hands or numbers. If the silver marble effect doesn't match your interior color scheme, you can customize your DIY clock in various ways. For instance, if you love the marble look, you can always choose different pearl pigment tones to match and complement your home's interior. Amazon has various colors, such as blue, purple, pink, yellow, red, and orange, that you can use to create a marble design. 

On the other hand, you can make your clock from other materials instead of plywood. If you find a silicone round mold, fill it with bottle caps, corks, puzzle pieces, etc., pour epoxy over the surface, and add your clock. It's an easy way to ensure your clock fits the rest of your home decor. To personalize it further, if you don't like the look of Roman numerals, simply swap the style for a different one. Walmart has a frameless wall clock in gold with standard numbers for $2.69. Or, if you don't like numbers at all, Amazon has a modern blink wall clock for $25. When choosing your materials, pick items and colors that you like to create a striking statement with the decor in your home.