The DIY Pool Noodle Accent Wall That Will Level Up The Decor In Any Room

In the realm of interior design, velvet communicates luxury but also feels inviting. Its texture adds a rich element to a space that elevates it visually, but still maintains a cozy ambiance because people are drawn to interacting with it. Whether with a sofa or a headboard, velvet upholstery or drapery can effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of a room. A velvet accent wall is a unique way to do this as it goes beyond furniture and décor pieces, giving this material a bigger role in space. In this TikTok, the creator shares a DIY accent wall project involving velvet fabric and pool noodles that can elevate any room.

An accent wall is a clever way to switch up the mood and energy of a space. You can choose to do this with color, wall panels, or fabric, which is what @lebeautyandrags chose for her space. Fabric walls are kind of like a step above normal wallpaper, chosen over flat paper because they provide a more interesting surface in terms of texture and dimension. This DIY project offers even more of this with the underlying layer of pool noodle rows. Note that this is unlikely to be a cheap DIY project because of the materials involved and the quantity required. However, it will look chic and professionally done if you get it right and use a beautiful velvet.

What you need and how to shop

To recreate this, you'll need multiple boxes of swim noodles, spray adhesive, Gorilla hot glue, a caulk gun, a ladder, fabric scissors, a roll of velvet fabric, and a crowbar (via TikTok). If you have some pool noodles lying around, first try them against the wall to gauge how many you might need and the lengths required. You might have to use full-length noodles on the top row and then cut others down so they fit the bottom exactly. Also, measure your wall to determine how many yards of fabric you need.

Amazon sells this polyester velvet fabric in 32 color options. It is stretchy, which is good because it'll have some give when draped. 5 yards of the fabric costs $60, and 10 yards costs $105. You can also get the pool noodles from Amazon. This 50-pack of 52-inch long noodles costs $170. For both the pool noodles and the fabric, get a bit more than necessary. If you don't have a crowbar, you can use a ruler or a small firm tool that can press the fabric without ripping or making holes in it.

How to create your pool noodle accent wall

The first step is to prepare your wall. @lebeautyandrags does this by attaching cardboard to the drywall to create the surface for the pool noodles. Next, line up your noodles in vertical rows, packed tightly together so they stay in place. To adhere them to the wall, spray the adhesive on the cardboard and then stick the noodles to it. Next, take the velvet fabric and drape it over, going through the rows one by one to tuck it in between the pool noodles. If you're working with a tall wall, then you'll need to get on the ladder for this part so you can use the caulk gun to fix the edge of the fabric to the top left corner where you're starting from.

As you drape, use the hot glue to adhere the fabric to the parts in between the noodles, then you can use your tool to make the tucks. Another TikTok user found it more effective to use a staple gun on the top and bottom every time she made a tuck so it could be tighter and more uniform, per TikTok. Cut off any excess fabric at the bottom so it looks neat.