Bathroom Organization Just Got A Lot Easier With Dollar Tree's Easy Storage Hack

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In many homes, the guest bathroom is often deliberately petite, but sometimes even a master bathroom has a surprisingly cramped layout. We're not sure why architects or designers don't create sufficient room for cleaning products, appliances, or cosmetics, but luckily we're smart and adaptable! Although you could keep supplies in a linen closet that's hopefully nearby, crafty DIYers have come up with just the right-sized hack to add a few layers of storage to an undersized bathroom. A few simple wire trays from Dollar Tree and invisible hooks could add much-needed space to store the items you use often.

Many interior designers have become experts at making room for people's belongings when they live in a tiny home, like a studio apartment. To make up for the lack of storage, they often take advantage of vertical space. For instance, they might hang objects on the walls or from the ceiling so they don't take up precious real estate on the floor. That's the magic behind this hack — finding vertical space to organize toothpaste and soap instead of trying to find an odd-sized piece of furniture that won't fit anyway.

How to set up organizing baskets

What you'll need to get are two or three baskets and clear plastic hooks with an adhesive backing. For this hack to work, it's best if you can secure the wire basket on two sides. One easy way to make that happen is if your vanity sits up against one wall. The right angle it forms is perfect for securing the front of the basket to the vanity and one side of it to the wall. 

Place two adhesive hooks on the vanity and two hooks on the wall, taking care to space them so they hold up the outer edges of the basket, not the middle. Stack two or three layers of baskets. You might use them to store lighter-weight items like toilet paper, toothpaste, and cotton balls. Dollar Tree carries Essentials wire trays, which come in gold or black. Note that although they're listed at $1.25 each, buying them online is a bulk purchase. These adhesive clear plastic hooks from Amazon are $10 for 12, perfect for a three-basket setup.

If this hack can't work in your space, you could dust off your secret DIY skills. Make an impressive floating shelf or two using a plank of wood and two identical belts. The key here is not to place it up high as if it were decorative but to position it at a lower, reachable height. It's more labor intensive, but an elegant way to create cute but useful shelving.