The One Shade Of Green You Should Avoid Painting In Your Home

Ready to freshen up a room and looking for the perfect color for your walls? Well, bright, lime-inspired green is one of the paint colors you shouldn't use anywhere in your home. While the hue can be fun for art or small decorations, it's too intense for walls in any room — from your bedroom to your kitchen to your bathroom. Andrea Camila Interiors posted a TikTok video, saying, "Green, yellow, red, orange, very vibrant colors should not be used in your bedroom." Just imagine how hard it would be when you're trying to fall asleep, only for your vivid green walls to be surrounding you, preventing you from calming down after a stressful day. Lime-green bedroom walls sound like a recipe for insomnia and frustration!

Plus, realtor slash TikTok user @rachelainrealtor shared a video explaining that bright green is a terrible choice for bathrooms. The realtor said, "The light reflects off of the paint on the walls and onto your face and makes you look sick." While bright, lime-like green paint shades aren't the best option for every room in your home, softer, warmer, and more subtle greens are much better.

Use chic olive green instead of bright lime green

Olive is one of the best green paint shades, as the green shade exudes earthy, sophisticated vibes. While neon green hues can appear too youthful and overpowering, olive green will provide a more elegant look. "I've always been a proponent of olive green and find that it adds warmth and depth to almost any space," Cathie Hong of Cathie Hong Interiors told Architectural Digest. So, instead of taking inspiration from bright limes for your home, consider looking to savory green olives.

TikToker @goldenhourabode posted a video demonstrating how beautiful olive green walls can warm up any room — including kitchens — making them appear classier. While the kitchen from the video initially had dull neutral walls, the TikToker upgraded them with olive green, which made the kitchen look significantly more chic and attractive, pairing beautifully with the cabinets' creamy hue. Impressed viewers commented on how much they love the transformation, writing, "I didn't like the cabinets at first and then when you painted the green I loved them. Suits your kitchen well," "Omg yes," and "so slayy."

Explore light minty green

If you want a shade that's a bit more playful than warm olive but not as aggressive as bright lime green, consider mint-inspired shades. Since these greens can have some blue tints, mint is ideal for anyone who enjoys walking the line between soft green and light blue. "Mint greens are happy colors that work in a lot of different climates," designer Paige Sumblin Schnell told Better Homes & Gardens. Mint will exude a fun blend of youthful vibes and calming energy, making it a versatile and gentle option.

mimi_small_home shared a TikTok video of a gorgeous bedroom with mint green walls that complemented the mix of white and green furniture. In the caption, the TikToker wrote, "I've always been a neutral type of girl. However I'm loving the mint green." The bedroom looked super relaxing and stylish thanks to the light minty green hue on the walls, and commenters loved it, writing, "Beautiful bedroom" or simple heart-eye emojis. If you want to experiment with different colors — in furniture, decorations, and wall art — to work with the mint green walls, @yescolours uploaded a video sharing colors that look good with minty green. According to the video, it's a good idea to pair light pink and soft purple, blue and pale yellow, or off-white and aqua with minty green. Thus, if you use mint green for your walls, consider choosing one of those color combos as a guideline for planning your décor.