This Table Cloth Hack Will Create A Perfect Photo Wall For Any New Year's Party

New Year's Eve is almost here, and so is the time for taking heaps of photos. If you're hosting your very own NYE bash this year — and want to create a photo wall for everyone to snap pics at — look no further than the following hack. Super affordable — it also doesn't require advanced DIY skills to pull off. It only requires a handful of foil tablecloths, some glue spray, and a few poster boards.

Posted by @collective29studios via TikTok, this photo wall is a fabulous idea if you don't want to make any permanent changes to your walls (for example, if you're renting) because of the tablecloth being stuck to the poster boards. If you don't want to glue the poster boards to the wall, Command strips ($19 on Amazon) are an excellent alternative as they won't any marks behind. This DIY is also a great idea if you have hired out a space for the night. Due to the fact, it can be put up and taken down relatively quickly. 

Create a stunning backdrop for your photos in no time

The main part of this hack requires any metallic or colorful tablecloth like this $6 Gold Foil Tablecloth from Partywoo. Opt for one color for a classic look or lots of different colors for a fun and creative vibe. Depending on how large you plan to make the photo wall, you'll need at least three tablecloths to cover the boards. In the comment section of the above TikTok, @collective29studios shared that they used nine poster boards and four tablecloths. You want the wall to be large enough that there are no gaps, even in wider-angle photos, so we recommend buying extra just in case (you can always return unused packages later).

For the actual hack, first, hang up your poster boards with Command strips or another adhesive. The original TikTok uses Gorilla Glue Clear Spray Adhesive ($10 at Walmart), but you can opt for any similar spray adhesive if you aren't worried about marks being left on your walls. Stick the tablecloths to the poster boards with the spray, scrunching each section as you go for a textured look. Feel free to get creative and introduce different shapes if you're a DIY pro. Repeat until all of the poster boards are covered, and you'll have a gorgeous photo wall perfect for all those NYE selfies.