Smart Ways To Repurpose A Shoe Rack Around The House

A 2021 survey by Lifestyle Fifty found that most people own between 11 and 20 pairs of footwear, with some owning as many as 50 pairs, 80 pairs, or more! While different shoes are necessary for different occasions, cleaning out your shoe rack once per year or so is a smart habit to get rid of old shoes and keep your closet looking tidy. After donating shoes you don't wear, you may even free up an empty shoe rack. A shoe rack is a staple piece in any well-organized wardrobe, but can it do much else in your home besides sort shoes? If you've recently downsized your closet or refreshed your organization systems, you may have a spare old shoe rack on hand. Before you donate it or toss it out, consider giving it new life somewhere else in your home! 

Shoe racks can have an unusual shape and small compartments that make them a little tricky to repurpose, but that doesn't mean they can't serve multiple purposes in your home. With a quick wipe-down and a little creativity, you can transform your old shoe rack into one of these smart ideas. 

Pantry wine bottle storage

If your shoe rack has several small shoe compartments, consider turning it into a handy wine bottle storage rack. This idea is perfect for stowing spare wines and gift bottles on the floor of your pantry. You can also use a regular shelf-style shoe rack for this– just make sure that the bottles won't roll off either end.

Toy cubby storage

Are toys constantly littering your living room floors or crowding your child's room? Turn your old shoe rack into a "toy parking garage" perfect for stashing all their favorite toys between playtimes. A shoe rack with individual compartments is awesome for small stuffed animals, cars, and dolls, or baskets can be added to a shelf-style rack. Kids will enjoy putting each toy in its own cozy apartment! 

Bottled water organizer

Say goodbye to all those clunky plastic beverage cases on your floor. A shoe rack is a smart solution to keep bottled drinks in the garage, workshop, or pantry. These mini shelves make it easy to grab a drink on the go, pop into kid's backpacks, or stock up a cooler before a long day outdoors. 

Craft supply organizer

Are you tired of turning over your craft room searching for the right supplies? Shoe rack compartments can be brilliant for organizing awkward items like fabric, bundles of yarn, ribbons, sewing patterns, and more. Plus, you can easily stack the shoe racks and fit them into a closet for ample hidden storage. 

Computer equipment rack

Your old shoe rack can also be used to save space in your home office or living room, keeping your internet modem, cable box, and any other wires organized in one place. A small wire or metal shoe rack is especially useful for this because it allows airflow to circulate around your computer equipment.  

Gift wrapping station

If your old shoe rack is the kind with metal bars, it can be tricky to find items that fit the shelves. Use the bars to your advantage to make your shoe rack into a cute gift-wrapping station! Detach the rails to slide on wrapping paper tubes or drop them vertically between rails, then stack your ribbon rolls at the top. 

Board game shelves

An old shoe rack is a great way to store puzzles and board games in a playroom, living room, or closet. Because the shelves are shorter than your standard bookshelf, closet, or cabinet, you can easily pull games from the bottom of the shoe rack without toppling the whole stack of boxes.