10 Tips For Transitioning Your Christmas Decorations To New Year's Eve

Are you an eager un-decorator? Or sad to see Santa go? According to a 2022 survey by Opendoor, 51% of people aim to remove all of their holiday decorations on or around January 1, but some people may want to redecorate sooner, especially if they're anticipating a big New Year's Eve bash. In general, New Year's Eve sees the holiday season take a darker, sparklier, and more celebratory turn, but what does this mean for transitioning your home décor after Christmas? Santa may have come and gone, but Aunt Cheryl is still staying in the spare bedroom, and the neighbors are expecting to crash your annual New Year's party in less than a week, so the end of December can feel like an awkward week when it comes to home décor. 

After all, the holidays aren't quite over yet, and putting away all of your favorite trinkets, tinsel, and ornaments can be a little saddening — and unnecessary. Keeping some winter décor can be a good thing! Here's what you can do to make your Christmas un-decorating easier while maintaining some festive vibes through the new year. 

1. Retire the characters

Santa, elves, reindeer, snowmen, and other holiday figures deserve some well-earned time off after the busy Christmas season. Once the big day is over, pack away these characters first to tone down your home's Christmas-y vibes and bring on a more subtle aesthetic. On the same note, you may also want to put away any obvious red-and-green, candy cane-esque pieces in favor of more neutral tones. 

2. Keep the sparkles and glow

For New Year's Eve, think of channeling fireworks, midnight stars, and bubbling champagne in your home décor. String lights, candles, glitter, and even disco balls can help set a sparkling mood that feels like a fresh break from all the Christmas clutter. If you decide to keep your tree a while longer, consider swapping colorful lights for warm white and taking down the kitschy family ornaments.

3. Lean into nature

Candy canes, Santas, and reindeer may go, but you can keep natural winter elements like snowflakes, branches, berries, firewood, evergreens, faux fur, and more. These winter décor pieces are timeless and flexible, perfect for turning over a New Year in your cozy winter home while keeping things festive for the season. 

4. Grab your metallics

Put away the red and green, but hang on to your metallics like silver, gold, champagne, rose gold, and even mirror finishes. These icy surfaces will reflect light throughout your space, carrying you through some of the darkest days of winter and enhancing any string light or sparkles you have in the space. These items don't have to scream "winter." Think metallic vases, shiny fabrics, and mirror table trays. 

5. Set the table

One of the best ways to transition your décor is to make your kitchen area feel party-ready — even if you aren't having guests over for New Year's Eve. Set the table with shiny décor and crystal glasses, display some baked goods, or set up a champagne station at your bar cart, sprinkled with plenty of foil shreds.

6. Warm up with hygge elements

The weeks after Christmas are some of the most bitter, weather-wise, so pull out all the stops to make your home extra cozy with soft lamplight, lanterns, extra throw blankets, and throw pillows. Incorporate the hygge trend by decorating with books and handicrafts like crochet ready to pick up at a moment's notice. Perfect for getting a head start on your New Year's goals!

7. Incorporate winter florals

The idea of winter florals might sound counterintuitive, but they're an easy way to bring life and freshness into your New Year's Eve décor. To keep things seasonal, opt for dried flowers or use floral arrangements with thick, dark foliage such as magnolia, holly, rubber plants, and ferns. White flowers will also give a nod to freshly fallen snow.

8. Revamp your functional décor

As you're putting away all the Christmas clutter, now is a great time to hone in on organization. Add more meant-to-be-seen storage to your living areas, such as baskets on shelves or a new storage ottoman. Reorganize your coffee table books, rearrange your bookshelves, and ensure that everything feels fresh and tidy for the start of the new year.

9. Refresh your outdoor space

Christmas is a holiday mostly spent indoors, but New Year's Eve just feels a little more natural under the stars. As you're transitioning your décor after Christmas, sweep and tidy up your outdoor space and decorate with string lights, candles, lanterns, or a fire pit if possible. If you're hosting a party this year, guests will appreciate being able to step outdoors for some fresh air. 

10. Celebrate with a clean slate

While decorating for Christmas and New Year's Eve is fun, putting everything away after the holiday chaos can feel just as refreshing. If you're not sure how to transition after Christmas, take the opportunity to deep clean so you can kick back and relax in the new year.