The Garlic Hack That Will Do Wonders For The Plants In Your Garden

Garlic is an integral part of so many delicious dishes thanks to its unparalleled flavor. Sadly, those of us who aren't familiar with "root-to-stem" cooking typically toss the paper-thin peels in the trash. This is unfortunate, as garlic peels are actually full of valuable nutrients, like flavonoids, antioxidants, and various vitamins that can benefit the human body. Not to worry if you find the idea of using garlic peels for your own nutritional needs unappetizing, however. They'll actually "feed" your plants beautifully! 

Fertilizers made from garlic peels can really boost a sagging garden because they're packed full of phosphorous and potassium, which are two of the most important micronutrients for plant success. This is because phosphorus helps plant roots grow big and strong, and potassium enables plants to turn out more fruit or flowers than they would without a little help. Garlic peels also contain significant amounts of calcium, which improves overall plant strength.

Amateur chefs who also dabble in the garden can easily turn garlic into a zero-waste product by repurposing peels into an amazing natural fertilizer. The best part is that it's incredibly simple to do!

Follow these steps to make garlic peel fertilizer

The next time you have a pile of garlic peels that are about to go to waste, opt instead to make a ridiculously easy natural fertilizer. All you'll need is a medium-sized bowl, a glass, some water, and a strainer/colander, according to a tutorial video by Dian Garden Tips

To begin, gather up the garden peels and put them in an empty container (Dian Garden Tips uses a drinking glass, but really anything will do). Fill the container up with water, then set it aside for three days. By the end of that period, the water will have a brownish tint to it. Next, the demo says to hold a strainer over an empty bowl, then pour the mixture into the strainer. This will allow the peels to be filtered out, leaving a bowl full of nutrient-rich natural fertilizer (pro tip: now use the peels as part of your DIY compost efforts). Add a little more water to the bowl and stir. The garlic peel fertilizer can then be poured directly on plant roots. Follow up by using a spray bottle to spritz leaves with the good stuff. Ideally, this easy and ultra-cheap gardening hack will produce heartier, fuller plants in no time.