Jenny Marrs Proves How Window Treatments Can Take Any Room From Drab To Fab

When it comes to remodeling our home, we often turn to interior designers for tips and inspiration to choose the best versatile and timeless ways to elevate a room. One popular couple folks enjoy receiving home advice from is Jenny and Dave Marrs. The HGTV couple have their renovation show "Fixer to Fabulous," where they help families transform their mediocre homes into eccentric, forever homes. One interesting design tip from Jenny Marrs is that window treatments can affect how a room looks. It's so simple and obvious, but window treatments impact every room in the house by providing privacy, controlling how much natural light enters, and enhancing the room's appearance.

In a Q&A with Saatva, Jenny Marrs discusses her love for window treatments; she says, "I like to use layers of window treatments that you can adjust throughout the day such as blinds, shades, sheers, and drapes to meet your shifting needs and moods." Easily adjusting the blinds, curtains, shades, etc., allows you more control over the lighting in your space. Plus, there are various styles and colors to choose from that will help take your room from drab to fab instantly. Jenny Marrs definitely knows how to level up a room with window treatments; she's done it for every house she's worked on.

Window treatments add warmth to a room

During "Fixer to Fabulous," season 4 episode 14, "Eccentric House Gets Modern Makeover," Jenny and Dave Marrs renovated Jeremy and Janine Pryor's Northwest Arkansas home. The primary bedroom and bathroom were dark and moody, with old-age cabinets and tile and black walls with basic white blinds. The goal was to turn the cold space into a calm, relaxing environment. With a new paint job, upgraded tiles, and textured window treatments, the room instantly went from Dracula's rest place to chic ballet Barbie. The beige-colored walls and white trim lightened the space, making it feel airy and serene. Marrs claims, "The window treatments add warmth," per her blog. Brown bamboo shades line each window, contrasting the walls and elevating the relaxing ambiance.

Bamboo shades are a type of window treatment and an excellent way of elevating a bedroom and living room. They're highly versatile, allowing them to fit in any interior, such as modern, farmhouse, rustic, etc. In addition, bamboo shades are woven from natural bamboo, giving them a textured look, which adds character to any space. They're lightweight compared to standard blinds, so you'll have an easier time pulling them up or down. You can pair them with other bamboo elements or wicker-style décor, especially with warm, earthy features. However, bamboo shades don't offer total privacy since they're see-through, so if your bedroom faces the other houses, you'll want a privacy liner to prevent outsiders from peering inside.

They can create a serene environment

Window treatments stand out in every room, making them a vital house component. Finding the right style can be challenging. Thinking about how you want the room to be presented is crucial. For instance, if you have trouble sleeping in your room, you can experiment with different styles to fit your needs. HGTV Jenny Marrs suggests "... using layers of window treatments that you can adjust throughout the day, such as blinds, shades, sheers, and drapes," via Home & Gardens. Window treatments that will block out light as the sun sets — but filter in the morning to help you wake up — are ideal. Sheer curtains are a superb example that allows you to adjust the natural lighting in your room.

Plus, pairing them with different lighting features can help create the quintessential sleeping environment. Marrs suggests having a variety of lighting elements in your room that offer natural, artificial, and dim options to set the mood. Even though you won't be going to sleep when the sun has set, turn on overhead lamps and table lamps as you're getting ready for bed. The National Sleep Foundation states, "Our brain starts to produce melatonin, a natural-regulating sleep hormone, as it gets dark." So, as the sun starts to set, you can close your blinds, shades, curtains, etc., to begin darkening your home to get your body ready for sleep.