How To Use Tape As A Simple Way To Hack Your Living Room Design

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Creating an accent wall can be as elaborate or as simple as you need it to be. Painting, applying wallpaper, or installing paneling are examples of accent wall projects that are more on the labor-intensive side, while creating a gallery wall or putting up a simple wall decal will be quick and easy. Using washi tape to create a geometrical design is another simple way to create an accent wall. It is a very cheap DIY project that is also renter-friendly because it can be put up and taken down without causing any major impact on the wall.

Washi tape is a very versatile type of crafting tape. It comes in various colors, finishes, and patterns, can be used on virtually any surface, and can be easily moved around even after application. In a recent TikTok, one creator shows how to use washi tape to create an accent wall. She used about 5 rolls of shiny gold washi tape and the total cost was under $15. Amazon sells a 5-pack of a similar shiny metallic gold washi tape for $6. The rolls are about 6mm wide and 55 yards long. If you want to mix different finishes, Hobby Lobby sells a 3-pack of washi tape in gold, silver, and copper for $3. The rolls are 10mm wide and 5 yards long.

Washi tape wall application

For the application, the creator freehands the geometric design of the lines. She starts with a line from the ceiling to the middle of the wall and builds the rest of the pattern from there, as seen in the TikTok. Freestyling like this can be a fun way to work and will ensure that you get a unique end result. However, not everyone is comfortable with freestyling and some people might feel intimidated by staring at the blank wall, especially if they aren't too experienced with this kind of project.

If this is you, we recommend drawing out an outline of what you want the design to look like on a sheet of paper or an iPad or tablet first. Create a small-scale version of the dimensions you're working with and it will help you map out what you want before you start applying the tape so you have a guide to follow. This TikTok is a great source of inspiration for an abstract design, but you can also look online for more ideas. You might want a more minimalist design like a large diamond pattern or an even simpler repeating pattern like straight lines.