TikTokers Are Painting Their Washers And Dryers, But Is It A Good Idea?

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It seems that every day, there's a new hot TikTok DIY that gets folks excited. While some trends are practical and can even boost the value of your home, others only last a few weeks. One project that TikTok users are currently enjoying is painting their washers and dryers — opting for pastel tones with contrasting hues for the door handles to create a unique look for the laundry room. Even though painting your washer and dryer can add a pop of color to your laundry room, is it a good idea to paint them aside from visual preferences? Most of the TikTok creators who painted their laundry units have made the decision based on wanting a new fun look, but painting the units also helps cover rusty areas or spots where the paint has been scratched or begun to peel.

TikTok user @mustardtreemarket wanted to give her washer and dryer a vintage look. Her washer and dryer looked brand-new after a few coats of adhesive primer and a stunning mint green paint job. The peeling areas were covered, and the new tone elevated the laundry room. This hack is excellent if your washer and dryer have seen better days and need a little refresh. You won't have to worry about rusty areas spreading or the surface peeling everywhere.

Using the right tools and materials is essential

Painting your washer and dryer isn't as easy as it sounds. The right tools, materials, and preparation are needed to ensure the process runs smoothly. Moving your units outside to the garage or backyard is ideal to prevent you from splattering paint on your walls and breathing in too much of the paint. However, if you don't have someone to help you move them, you can take apart the washer and dryer to paint the covers. Removing and putting them back will take a bit longer, but they'll be easier to take outside.

Prep your washer and dryer by unplugging the cords, scraping any rust and paint, and sanding the surface. The surface should be smooth without bubbles or paint flakes to prevent the new paint from peeling in the future. If your washer or dryer has dents or small holes, cover them with a body filler and putty knife. It's best to cover all the damages you see. It will help make the units look newer.

When choosing your paint, some TikTokers use a paint can, but spray paint is always a superb alternative if you're worried about brush strokes. Pick a color that's calming and cohesive with the rest of your home. Ensure you use appliance epoxy paint when painting your washer and dryer. You'll also need a primer.

How to paint your washer and dryer

You can find the materials you want to use to fit your spending budget. TikTokr @mustardtreemarket used Slick Stick primer, which you can find on Amazon. It's a white primer that's best applied with a sponge brush, but if you'd rather use a spray primer, Walmart sells a spray primer at a more affordable price. Once you gather all your materials, prep your washer and dryer by sanding down every inch of the surface with 150- and 200-grit sandpaper. You don't need to go overboard with the sanding, you don't want to remove the paint, just rough it up enough for the new paint to stick. Wipe down the surface with alcohol and cloth.

Next, add your coat of primer, following the directions on the can or spray bottle. If you're using the Slick Stick primer, apply two thin layers. Allow it to dry completely, then paint the surface, applying smooth, even coats — you might need several coats if you're using a lighter shade. Once the paint dries, you can return the units to your laundry room and use them as usual.