5 TikTok Trends That Will Actually Boost The Value Of Your Home

TikTok is one of those apps where you can spend countless hours scrolling. The platform has shown off top design trends, from the most lovely places to store kitchen spices to how to DIY the gold frame television, turning your screen into a piece of artwork. According to Rated People, these popular TikTok trends can make your home look good and boost its value. The company, which helps Brits find trusted workers in the trades, from plumbers to roofers, looked at the most popular trends on TikTok and other social media platforms and then backed it up by interviewing buyers that shared how much they would pay if a home had these attributes.

If you think these fads will set you back a lot of money, think again. "Many of the 20 biggest home improvement and design trends could be achieved for less than $100 and a bit of DIY, which could see you make a nice profit if you're looking to sell," said Adrienne Minster, CEO at Rated People via Brit + Co.

If you're wondering what the top trends are, keep reading to see the options that will make the most financial impact and how much money could go back into your pocket.

1. Herringbone floors look so sophisticated

Herringbone floors is one of the top searches on TikTok, yielding more than 72 million views on the popular platform, according to Rated People. If you've traveled or lived in Europe, then you know the flooring's traditional zigzag pattern looks elegant decade after decade. Digital Flooring confirms this by sharing that the timeless patterned floor has been a design staple since the 17th century. Another incredible bonus? Herringbone flooring is also durable, so if your floors get decent foot traffic, they can stay nicer for longer with proper maintenance.

Classic design choices are excellent to consider for your home, especially when it comes to flooring, because who wants to change out their floorboards every couple of years? You can rest easy knowing that you won't have to update it because it went out of style. According to Brit + Co, homeowners would pay around $6,600 extra for a home with these classic floors.

2. Artistically beautiful living walls

Plants have many positive benefits for you and your entire family. According to USA Today, lush greenery is well-known for purifying the air and boosting moods, so you may want to think about creating a whole wall as a living piece of art for you to enjoy inside. According to Rated People, these walls full of plants have been searched over 47 million times on TikTok and can add $6,308 to the value of your home (via Brit + Co). A living wall would undoubtedly be a beautiful way to incorporate greenery and create an artistic focal point in your space

SherpaDesign gives a step-by-step tutorial to create the popular wall, via YouTube. They suggest getting creative and using different plants, including ferns, figs, ivy, and other miscellaneous options such as a pilea 'Ellen,' the holly arrowhead, and a mini white nerve plant for a bit of variety.

3. An outdoor kitchen for entertaining

It's no secret that people like spending time outside, so it makes sense that an outdoor kitchen would be trending on TikTok. Outdoor kitchens can add $6,812 to your home value (via Brit + Co) and give you the perfect spot for entertaining guests surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Per Rated People, there are nearly half a million searches by people looking to create the perfect outdoor kitchen on TikTok. Whether you go for a full-blown option with high-end appliances or keep it simple and affordable with a gas grill you already own, creating an alfresco area can add plenty of value.

Marielle Shortell, the co-founder of event rentals brand Hestia Harlow, tells the Zoe Report that it's paramount to think of a few essential items when making plans to host events in your outdoor space. Shortell suggests adding unique tablescape designs to your setup or inexpensive candles to have the perfect ambiance for the area.

4. Gorgeous green kitchen cabinets

It's not hard to see the appeal of a green kitchen. If you're wondering exactly why this color is trending on TikTok, you can thank actress Dakota Johnson for that. Her kitchen has inspired 3.2 billion searches on the platform (via TikTok). Rated People shared that the search term has around 38 million views on the app and could increase your property's value by about $6,406 (via Brit + Co).

According to The Things, Johnson spent $3.55 million on her home, and the actress let the world tour her kitchen with gorgeous green cabinets (via YouTube). The hue gives the room an utterly natural vibe and has been an inspiration for homeowners worldwide. The top and bottom shelves are painted green, but the upper cabinets feature mostly glass, simultaneously breaking up the continuous color and showing off colorful tableware.

As for the cost of replicating this lively kitchen, Angi shares that most people can expect to pay between $175 and $2,800 to paint their kitchen cabinets, depending on several factors, from room size to labor. So, if you've wanted to paint your kitchen a bolder hue, now's the time, and you may want to consider green.

5. A well-organized kitchen pantry

There have been around 4.3 million searches for pantries and pantry organization on TikTok, and potential buyers will shell out around $6,523.95 for a home with one, according to Rated People. Even though it is very beneficial to have a pantry in your kitchen, but not everyone knows how to store food efficiently and organize it properly.

Interior design firm Studio McGee notes a few crucial points to make your pantry functional. They advise accessing your inventory and only keeping what's essential, investing in proper containers for storing items, and keeping clutter at bay by forgoing a junk drawer. Insider also notes a few additional necessities to keep your pantry in order, such as a cereal dispenser, utensil organizer for your drawers, and liquid pump bottles for syrups.

If you're serious about adding overall value to your abode, try incorporating some of these trending TikTok home design ideas.