How To DIY A Customized Stunning Floating Candle Holder To Add A Cozy Feel To Your Space

Jazzing up a room without spending a lot of money can be difficult, but a gorgeous way to decorate your home is with this floating candle hack. If you haven't heard of a floating candle, it's a special type of candle that will float on top of a body of water instead of sinking to the bottom, creating a cool, ethereal look. The holders for these candles can be bought, but, if you're on a budget, this wallet-friendly DIY does the job for not much money.

The best thing about this hack is how easy it is to pull off, so it's suitable for all DIY levels, from beginners to advanced DIY-ers. Plus, you can buy everything you need — a small vase or cup, a bowl, and some spray paint — from places like Dollar Tree or IKEA, making it even more convenient. A floating candle holder can be used to accent a room in day-to-day life, or you can customize it for occasions like Christmas by changing the color of the paint or the color of the candles.

Recreate the look on a budget

To begin, you'll need a glass bowl like this one with a classic shape from Dollar Tree, or this one with slightly raised edges from IKEA. You'll also need a glass cup or a small glass vase like the smallest one in this set of three vases, also from IKEA. Finally, to replicate the floating candle look, spray paint is required. You can buy any brand of spray paint — just make sure it's completely opaque for best results. Grab some tape to assist with the spray painting too (and, of course, your preferred floating candles).

Now that you have your base items, it's time to start the DIY. Put a thick layer of tape around the top of your chosen glass bowl and spray-paint the rest of the bowl. Keeping the top section of the bowl clear is essential to achieving the floating candle look, so make sure you tape it properly to avoid any stray blemishes. Carefully peel the tape off and spray the entirety of the small glass vase or cup too. Apply a careful layer of glue to the base of the vase/cup and then stick the bowl on top. Fill the bowl about halfway with water and add your floating candles for a super chic look.

Get creative by matching this hack to your home decor

As mentioned, to customize this look you can swap out features like the color of the spray paint. While black will create a chic and refined aesthetic, if bright colors are more your thing, go for hot pink or fun orange instead. The trick is to pick a color that will completely cover the bowl and vase so they are no longer transparent (aside from the section at the top of the bowl). Pastels are cute, but often too translucent to work for this hack. However, if you don't mind the bowl and cup/vase being see-through, this won't be an issue.

Another way you can put your own spin on this floating candle hack is to choose colored candles to match the exterior — for example, pink candles to match a pink bowl, or black candles in a black bowl for a dramatic contrast with the water. Always double-check that the candles you buy are specifically the floating type, as not all are. For safety, it's also best to use an electric lighter with this hack so you don't burn yourself with a match when lighting multiple candles.