Create Trendy Nesting Side Tables With TikTok's Clever Wood DIY

When you're looking for the perfect end tables to add to your living room, hallway, or bedroom, you can guarantee you'll be spending about $60 for each table you want to add to your home. Instead of spending money on expensive end tables, DIY a set of your own trendy nesting tables you can display in any room together or separately. TikTok user @lahlahlandhomedecor created a clever DIY wood project using wood pieces and paint to make stunning gold-flecked top tables. The TikTok user claims the table cost her under $30 to make the two tables. The price is convincing enough to get us to try this DIY. It's an excellent, affordable hack that will elevate your home.

Further, you can customize this DIY so that the tables complement your interior. @lahlahlandhomedecor used two round wood boards that she purchased from Hobby Lobby. While you're buying your wood boards, you'll also want to pick up Gorilla wood glue, white acrylic crafting paint, gold spray paint, and gold leaf from Walmart. Additionally, you'll need a nail gun and Brad nails, but you can use a hammer if you don't have a nail gun. You can also find Brad nails at Walmart. This DIY requires lumber pieces, which you can buy at Lowe's in different heights for the legs and base.

Assembling your wood tables

Assembling your tables can take a few hours. You want to ensure you take proper measurements beforehand so the tables fit where you want to place them in the room and they fit together. Once you have your measurements, glue and nail the base and legs to the back of the round wood board; gluing and nailing one board at a time will make the process run smoothly. Then, nail additional lumber pieces to the bottom of the legs to create a stable standing base.

After everything is secured with nails, give your round wood board a quick sand down to make the paint grip the wood. TikTok creator @lahlahlandhomedecor painted her legs gold and the round wood boards white, adding gold flecks to the surface for an elegant look. You can follow her design or come up with your own. Once you're done painting, allow them to dry, then set them up in your home.

If you want to customize this DIY, choose different paint colors for the base and add the gold foil pieces to the surface. Or, if you don't have gold elements in your home, you can use silver foil, which you can buy at Walmart for $5.39. Allow yourself to be creative with your tables. You can give the table a faux marble upgrade for an elegant look or paint an attractive design. If you prefer simple statement pieces, paint the tables a bold tone to stand out in your room.