20 End Tables You'll Want To Add To Your Living Room

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When it comes to furnishing your living room, there's a lot to consider when you're deciding what accent pieces you want to see in it. End table makes a great accent piece to hold your smaller belongings such as the tv remote, a magazine, or a glass. They sit at the end of the sofa or chair, according to Family Handyman. Why is this distinction important? Well, they often get mixed up with side tables, which are similar. Side tables are usually placed against the wall, but folks sometimes use them as end tables.

There are different styles of end tables to choose from to make sure they fit in with your living room. You can choose something more simple, like a pedestal end table that just has a small countertop. Maybe you want something with storage, so an end table that has a drawer and cabinet to hold your miscellaneous things would be the right choice. If you're unsure of which end table to add to your living room, here are 20 different styles to look at for inspiration.

1. Bumblebee end table

This beautiful Anthropologie Bumblebee end table is simple yet elegant with the impressive detailing of the beehive at the bottom that has a couple of metal bees in a brass finish. It's topped with a round marble counter giving the table some bright features. It works for a multi-colored infused living room.

2. Wireframe end table

It's amazing when furniture works for multiple things. The wireframe end table is perfect for storing books you don't want to build a bookcase for or blankets to keep to use whenever you need one. It has a small opening in the middle of the wire for easy access to pick out the items.

3. Sand and Stable Selah end table

If your living room has an industrial or rustic interior, the Sand and Stable Selah end table will fit right in. The wooden end table has beautiful tangled branch legs and a wood finish top.

4. HollyHome Tray Metal end table

This eccentric tray metal end table is the perfect snack holder that can take place right next to your sofa. It comes in over 20 different colors to fit just right in your living room.

5. Vecelo 3-Piece Nesting side table

End tables can sometimes be pricey, so investing in an end table that comes as a set can be beneficial to your living room. These Vecelo 3-piece nesting tables can be put together or spread out in different areas of your space. They're a beautiful mahogany finish with black metal wire legs.

6. West Elm Terrace Side Table

This elegant West Elm Terrace side table is a must-have in your living room. The gold finish with tiered mirrored glass shelves will make your living room look and feel luxurious. It works perfectly with a mid-century interior, and you'll never want to get rid of them.

7. Stacked book end table

If you're a book enthusiast, you definitely need a stacked book end table. It has the gorgeous detailing of antique books with a glass top to hold your current read. You could also attempt to DIY the end table and make it your own if you prefer a minimalistic style.

8. Poly End Table With Removable Tray Top

Buying an end table that has multiple uses can make your living room less crowded by not having to buy other furniture items that only do one thing. This beautiful minimalistic Poly End Table has a removable tray that can be used as a serving tray on one side and a regular tabletop on the other.

9. Feandrea Cat Tree and End Table

End tables don't solely have to be for your benefit; they can make great nesting areas for your pets. This Feandrea Cat Tree is both an end table and a perfect hang-out spot for your feline friend that has a cat cave, scratching post, and mat.

10. Oxford end table

If you're looking for a standard end table with some extra space, the Oxford end table has a couple of shelves to store décor or books. For $60, it comes in an array of colors to match the interior of your living room and has gorgeous X-frame panel sides.

11. Perigold Butler Marble Top C End Table

Any C-shaped end table can work in your living room since it can rest over the arm of your sofa or chair to have easier access to your snacks or computer if you're working. The Perigold Butler Marble Top C end table has a beautiful gold finish base with a marble top that's timeless and functional.

12. mDesign Modern Farmhouse End Table

The Farmhouse end table is perfect for a minimalistic living room that has an open grid shelf and steel metal wire legs via Target. It can be a great storage space, but it could be difficult balancing some cups without a coaster.

13. Acton Walnut Pedestal Wood Side Table

A walnut wood finish end table can add a touch of elegance to a modern living room. The pedestal style table has an intricate detailed base with multiple rings from the base to the top of the table. It comes in various colors and will be the talk of your living room.

14. Modern long end table

Small end tables are great for a single chair and some larger sofas, but long end tables make for a perfect sofa table. The modern long end table has a cow-leather countertop and rose-gold touches. It's the perfect height for a sofa and has an extra bottom shelf to store books.

15. Bamboo Nesting Table

Similar to the Vecelo 3-Piece nesting table, the Bamboo Nesting Table comes in a set of two tables that come with different tabletop colors, such as gray and white. They have bamboo legs and a triangular top for a contemporary style living room.

16. Andover Mills Hugh End Table with Storage

Rated best end table overall by Insider is the Andover Mills Hugh End Table with Storage that has a pull-out shelf and drawer and comes in nine different colors. It's definitely a classic end table that's made of real and manufactured wood.

17. Amoeba End Table

Possibly the most functional wooden end table is the Article Amoeba since it's a solid walnut wood finish. It has three legs with a simple round top for a basic look.

18. Sunpan Modern Urban Unity End Tables

Beautifully Sunpan stacked black end tables will add some personality to your living room. They're detachable so that they can be placed side by side or stacked high. They also come in different colors if you're looking for something brighter.

19. Twisted mirror end table

A stunning mirror end table adds a versatile look to any living room with a twist in the art of it. The twisted mirror end table is said to work best in a white interior space to make it appear bigger. Even though it fits the aesthetic, it does have sharp corners, so be careful with children around or yourself.

20. Tiita Metal 2-Tier End Table, Gold

This gold end table fits into any minimalistic living room with its luxurious look. It's a beautiful gold finish with two shelves that have a small barrier to prevent anything from falling out. You could place a couple of plants to give it a pop of color and personality.