How To Upgrade Your IKEA BESTA Cabinet With Glass Doors For A Luxurious Look

IKEA furniture is well-known for its simplistic yet modern style in addition to fair prices, which is why many of us, perhaps yourself included, incorporate the furniture into our homes. However, if you've grown weary of this simplicity on your BESTA cabinet, you may want to upgrade it with some glass doors for a rather luxurious feel. Not only will this change help to transform your space, but it can also help your cabinets to look like a higher-end purchase in comparison to their previous appearance. If you're looking at overhauling your interior or taking your kitchen to the next level, this is always a good place to start if you're on a lower budget, especially if you install it yourself.

Thankfully, you don't have to be a DIY whizz to complete this hack. All you'll need is a drill and screws and a glass door of your choice, of which there are several to choose from. For example, you could purchase the SINDVIK glass door in black or white from IKEA, which is available for $45 per door, or you could use the FÄLLSVIK, which has slightly textured glass, for $60 per door. Whichever size and color you pick will all boil down to your personal style and circumstances — there's no one-size-fits-all in this case. You'll also want to grab some IKEA BESTA cabinets if you don't have them already, which you can purchase from IKEA for $65. 

Attach your glass doors to your IKEA BESTA

If you don't have much experience installing cabinet doors, then it may seem like a fairly intimidating job. However, once you get the hang of it, you should find it relatively straightforward. Using the hinges and screws provided, start by first attaching the hinges to the door on the appropriate side with either a screwdriver or drill — whichever you feel most comfortable with. Which side you attach the hinges to will depend on what side of your BESTA furniture you're working with, so make sure to double-check before securing any screws in place. In addition, if your doors also come with some plastic tips, you should insert those into the free holes on the same side to which you attached the hinges.

Now all that's left to do is align the door with your cabinet and screw the doors in place utilizing the screws provided, which you can do while it's standing, or remove everything and move it on its side if it makes the job easier. If you think they may be misaligned, don't be afraid to unscrew and start again. Likewise, if they are high up on your wall, such as in your kitchen, you may need some ladders to make this part of the process easier. If so, make sure to take your time and be careful.

How to adapt the BESTA doors to your needs

Although glass doors look great, you don't have to stick to this specific design to achieve your desired outcome. Some other options you have here include swapping them out for this KALLVIKEN concrete style door, which also helps to add a splash of luxury to your space and is available for $60 from IKEA. You can also opt for IKEA's BERGSVIKEN, for $60. If you want to incorporate a marble-like design into your space, then this is perfect, as this material is often associated with higher-end finishes. However, there are plenty of other options available online if you want some doors that are completely different in terms of style. Another option is to paint your BESTA, for example, in white or gray. If you have a very specific color for your interior, this could be a helpful trick.

The reason this hack is a keeper is because the transparent nature of the glass helps to give off a high-end look that other plain styles of doors may struggle to replicate. To take it the extra mile, you could even add extra shelves, lighting, extend your cabinet even more, or add your own custom door knobs. For example, these crystal handles from Maestro Bath for $195 can help to add a dash of sophistication. Likewise, you could always play around with door placement, for example, adding two doors and leaving one space free.