Bring The Boho Look To Your Balcony With This Genius IKEA SNIDAD Lighting Hack

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Dark balconies don't feel inviting enough to go outside and hang out with friends or family. The perfect lighting can create a cozy ambiance, especially on warmer nights. However, you don't want just any style of outdoor light fixture. Instead, chic light fixtures can transform your balcony into an attractive hang-out spot. If you enjoy bohemian décor, you can easily DIY a boho-chic-inspired light fixture using IKEA's SNIDAD basket. The stunning rattan basket can work as a pendant light fixture and give your balcony a boho look. Style the woven basket with wicker chairs and neutral-toned blankets for the ultimate bohemian balcony.

You'll need the IKEA SNIDAD basket, which costs $29.99 online. It's an expensive item for a DIY project. If you don't want to spend a lot on recreating this DIY, you can check your local thrift store to see if there are any for a cheaper price. You can buy two small wicker baskets and use raffia to tie them together. We love this DIY because you don't have to drill or staple anything. You only need a few tools: wire cutters, scissors, a flathead screwdriver or hammer, a light bulb extension, and an LED light bulb. Amazon has a light bulb cord with a vintage fabric cord and black socket for $12.99, but other retail stores, like Target, Walmart, IKEA, etc., sell cords in different styles. This DIY will take you less than 20 minutes to complete, so grab your basket and tools.

Turning an IKEA basket into a light fixture

To begin, remove the handles from the basket by cutting the rattan wrapped around them. Pry off the handles using a flathead screwdriver or hammer. You can use anything to lift the handles as long as it's a flat, metal surface that can easily wiggle between the handles. You can stop here and continue installing the light bulb or customize your basket by painting it. Some perfect colors for your bohemian-style space include shades of warm browns, greige, ivory, or blue. Pick a boho-inspired color if you're worried about the paint minimizing the boho look. The texture of the basket will enhance the overall look.

After you remove the handles, flip the basket over, place the light bulb socket in the center, and outline it with a pen on the basket. This is where you'll cut the basket to insert the socket, so you want to ensure it's a perfect outline. Using wire cutters, cut along the outline until you have a hole in the middle. If you're using two small wicker baskets, now is a good time to tie them with the raffia by looping it through the holes of each basket all the way around. Insert the light socket and secure it with the cover to keep it in place. Finally, screw in your light bulb and hang it from your balcony's ceiling. You now have a gorgeous new light fixture for your balcony.