Put Bathroom Storage Problems Behind You With This Must-Have IKEA Piece

It always seems as if you can never have enough bathroom storage, with your vanity becoming a cluttered mess of personal care products. The same holds true if your powder room is overflowing with toiletries, giving guests an unorganized space. Does this mean it's time to rip out your vanity and install a newer, bigger one? No! According to an incredible TikTok hack shared by @chanelmarkus, you can easily maximize space by adding IKEA EKET cabinets to your bathroom. If your sink has room on either side, the goal is to install these cabinets, extending the width of your existing cabinetry. If you don't have space around your existing vanity, you can still add the EKET elsewhere in your bathroom. 

The great thing about the IKEA EKET is that it comes in a variety of sizes and colors, which means you can easily incorporate it into any design scheme. You can choose from traditional one-door cabinets, concealing all your personal items, or opt for something with hidden storage on the bottom and exposed shelving on top, perfect for displaying your trinkets, succulents, and more. And since the IKEA EKET used in this TikTok hack costs $70, it's an affordable way of adding extra storage to any space. Try it yourself to have a clean and clutter-free bathroom

Find the perfect IKEA EKET

The first step in this amazing TikTok hack is measuring your space, ensuring the EKET fits around your bathroom sink and cabinets. For reference, the EKET used in this video measures 13¾-by-13¾-by-27½ inches. If you have a pedestal sink, this hack still works — it just won't look as cohesive as it does in the video. You also need to consider your toilet's placement — if it's directly next to your bathroom sink, you might only be able to fit one EKET. However, this still offers plenty of extra storage space. If you find that the EKET isn't the best choice for your bathroom, you can use IKEA's filter option, finding similar pieces by the size of your space. Keep in mind that whatever cabinet you purchase might sit too low to the ground, which means you'll want to install legs. IKEA sells a 4-pack of EKET legs for $10, so don't forget to pick some up. 

Although @chanelmarkus uses an EKET that completely conceals its contents, you can also install the IKEA EKET Storage Combination. It comes with legs, but unlike its counterpart, only the bottom portion has concealed storage. This option comes in a variety of two-tone colors that will add a splash of color to any bathroom décor. Just remember to purchase any additional items you need to organize your bathroom. For example, the IKEA NOJIG is less than $1 and can easily hold makeup, toothbrushes, and everything in between.