TikTok Uses An Unlikely Item To Bring Shine Back To Sinks, But Is It A Good Idea?

Over time, sinks made from metal like stainless steel or chrome devolve into less than pristine condition. And, since sinks in both the kitchen and the bathroom are heavily used, they often start to look dull faster than you'd like. However, there's one unlikely household ingredient that could change this in a flash: Cooking spray. It may be essential for, well, cooking, but this handy cupboard item could also be the secret to making your silver sink shine again.

Instead of spending money on specialist cleaning products or tons of time trying to perfect a streak-free shine, the item you've been looking for is probably already in your pantry. You should be thoroughly cleaning your sink at least once a week, regardless, but getting it to gleam is different. 

Though this isn't always the case, sinks often look dull due to a build-up of water spots, stains, and limescale that haven't been thoroughly wiped away. Luckily, these issues can be quickly remedied. As well as the cooking spray itself, all you need for this TikTok-approved hack is a microfiber cloth.  

This hack is quick, easy, and affordable

You can use any kind of cooking spray to get your sink shining, both branded and unbranded. You also don't need a lot, just a spritz or two. Otherwise, the spray could leave behind a residue. Spray a small amount onto a clean, soft microfiber cloth (it's important that it's soft to prevent scratching the surface). Clean the entirety of your sink's surface, including taps, with the cloth. Be firm yet gentle, making sure you get into all of the nooks and crannies.

When you're done, take another soft microfiber cloth to get rid of any remaining cooking spray. You may need to put a small amount of water on the cloth to ensure no residue remains. That's all you need to do to get your sink gleaming once more. The way this hack works is that the oil content will naturally break down any stains, including those created by limescale. This will then allow you to clean your sink more thoroughly in addition to banishing any visible marks.

Keep the following in mind before cleaning

While this hack is pretty simple, as with anything else, there are certain things you should know before you start spraying liberally. First, some sinks are made from materials that may not react well to the oil in cooking spray. Whether your sink is expensive or not you don't want to risk it. Carrying out a control test by spraying a small amount on an unseen patch of your sink will let you know whether it's okay to go ahead with the hack, and what kind of effect it'll have.

Additionally, some cooking sprays have extra ingredients added to them for flavor. Double-check the ingredients of your spray beforehand unless you want the scent of garlic to linger in your sink for days. It's also important to make sure you clean away all of the oil — you might want to do a run-around with a damp cloth and another with a dry towel once you have finished with the spray. Finally, never use a sponge or abrasive cloth to prevent scratching your sink.