This TikTok-Approved Toilet Paper Holder Will Add Instant Charm To Your Bathroom

When you think of a toilet roll holder, you probably imagine something plain and simple that gets the job done, as most should. However, if you're looking to spruce up the little details such as these in your space, then you could implement a TikTok hack by @angscraftsncreations, which shows how a simple Macrame holder can transform the look of your bathroom and add some charm to your space — what more could you ask for? Alongside adding an extra flair, it's also useful for stacking several rolls at once, making it perfect if you often need to replace them. Instead, you can now have it all in one place, ready to go — which is also perfect for toilet paper storage if you need it.  

If you have a large household that goes through a lot of toilet paper, this hack ensures you always have plenty on hand, and it can help keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Likewise, it's perfect for individuals who simply want to get a bit more organized, making it the perfect solution for practically anyone! Thankfully, you don't have to break the bank to DIY this for yourself. All you'll need is some macrame string, which you can find off Etsy for $25.65, a small wooden stick, and your trusty paper products — that's it!

Macrame your string together

Once you're armed with everything you need, you can begin to macrame several pieces of your string together onto your wooden stick, working to create a netting-like structure. It should be slightly wider than the width of your toilet rolls so they can fit snuggly but not so big that it becomes hard to balance them. It should also be long enough to loop the string back around to create a holder. After you complete your design, begin prepping your wooden stick. All you have to do is take a piece of string and attach each end to the ends of your stick. When you're sure the string is nice and secure, hammer a nail into the wall where you want your hanger to go and slip it over. Now, you should be left with a stunning macrame holder that helps to add some charm to your space.

Alternatively, if you're unsure how to macrame or want to opt for an easier option, you can always purchase a pre-made holder, such as this one from Etsy, for $27, or if you're on a budget, this simpler version for $7.59 from Walmart. However, plenty of other options online may tickle your fancy if you're looking for a slightly different style or holding capacity. On the other hand, if you have something specific in mind, then DIYing may be the way to go.

Make your macrame holder unique

When it comes to making your own macrame toilet roll holder, you have an array of options to play with. For example, you can experiment with different colors of macrame string to suit your interior or go wild and create a rainbow effect holder, which you can achieve by purchasing colored macrame rope. You could also add some artificial leaves, such as these velvet ones, to create a quirky and unique look, which you could glue or tie on using string. Likewise, depending on how many rolls you want to hold, you may want to also experiment with different lengths for different bathrooms. Remember that the more you want to hold, the longer your macrame string will need to be.

This hack works so well because it easily allows you to stack them on top of one another without risking them falling or running out of space, as a traditional holder usually only has room for one. This eliminates the need to keep getting up and refilling it regularly — instead, you have everything right where you need it. However, if you're stacking your rolls and planning to use them near your toilet, you should keep in mind that you won't be able to pull the paper off as it spins as you would with a traditional one — you'll have to lift it out each time. However, it's still an excellent solution for storing those extra rolls.