Add Cozy Charm To Your Home With The Neutral Paint Shade Erin Napier Swears By

Erin Napier knows a thing or two about paint colors, having transformed plenty of houses alongside her husband Ben on HGTV's "Home Town." She has incorporated heaps of neutrals into homes over the show's duration, but there's one neutral Napier particularly likes: Valspar's "Brown Buzz." The design expert used this color in Season 1 of "Home Town" for a family dining space to create a specific ambiance.

Per Homes & Gardens, Napier explained why she picked the paint hue. "The dining room needed to be a nondescript and aged color that reminded me of the wall colors I'd seen in old French country homes," she stated. A warm, slightly smoky neutral with hints of gray, "Brown Buzz" is ideal for giving a room a cozy feel. Available at Lowe's, it's priced at just under $60 for a gallon of paint and features a scuff, stain, and scratch-resistant satin base. If you're looking for tips on incorporating this color into your home, look no further. We've got all the ideas you need.

Turn your bedroom into a soothing oasis with Erin Napier's paint pick

Due to its calming vibe, "Brown Buzz" would be an excellent option for a bedroom. To bring out the tint of green, we recommend using it for the wall your bed sits against and then opting for green bedding or a green throw. You don't have to go all out with the green — a few touches here and there, like a cushion, would also have a similar effect. As Erin Napier mentioned, she chose to use "Brown Buzz" in a client's dining room because she was trying to recreate the style of French country decor

Generally, this style includes soft, earthy colors with small pops of color like mustard and  muted reds, so choosing shades that fit with this style are a perfect choice if you also want to evoke a traditional feel in your space. Despite being a neutral in the green family, "Brown Buzz" is a warm paint color — so it will look at odds with super bright white or gray. If you prefer a wholly neutral room, cream or warm off-white are complementary warm neutrals.

Bring a welcoming ambiance into your living room

As well as in a bedroom, "Brown Buzz" is a great choice for use in a smaller living room. Often, people think you should only stick to light colors in dark rooms, and sometimes this is the case. However, soft-toned darker neutrals like "Brown Buzz" are the exception to this rule. Warm neutral paint shades will bring character and depth to a space without making it appear closed-in. Cream, beige, and warm-toned taupe are all good complementary colors if you want to stick to a neutral theme.

For a living room that evokes French country chic, opt for a mustard yellow sofa propped against a wall painted in "Brown Buzz" or something less permanent like a throw or plant pot if you like to change things up often. Finally, take inspiration from Napier and use the hue in your dining room to create a more traditional vibe. If your dining room gets lots of natural light, it can be used all over. However, if it doesn't, it's best to use it on only one wall to avoid a dark and narrow look.