Create Beautiful Lantern Lights To Line Your Lawn With This Affordable DIY

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Unlit lawns and walkways can isolate your home from the rest of the neighborhood, making it feel cold, uninviting, and hard to see where you're walking. Lighting up your lawn by DIYing a few lantern lights will increase your safety when you're walking to the front door. You don't have to worry about tripping over things, especially if you're carrying items from your car. On the other hand, illuminating multiple areas around the house aside from the front porch decreases the chances of break-ins. A few extra lights show there's life inside the house.

This DIY is perfect for a quick fix; you don't have to pay a professional to install outdoor lighting. Depending on the project, adding outdoor lighting can cost between $2,500 and $6,000 — with most light fixtures costing between $15 and $200 each. Many factors are considered when deciding the setup for your outdoor lighting. For instance, professionals will look at the size of your space, the fixture and lighting design, and how accessible the power source is. The materials and labor can increase the overall cost. However, you can easily DIY beautiful lantern lights and place them along your lawn to offer extra light at a much lower price. All of the materials you'll need are affordable and can be found at your local retail stores or Amazon. Tailor the number of items you need for how ample your space is to ensure you create enough lights to illuminate your lawn and walkway.

Materials and tools needed

For this DIY, you'll need hanging mason jars, which you can find at Hobby Lobby for $3.74 each. If you have unused mini mason jars at home, easily turn them into hanging jars by hot gluing twine or tying wire around them. Walmart sells twine for $1.97, and Hobby Lobby sells wire for $0.99. You can choose the most affordable route for yourself. However, if you don't have mason jars and want a more affordable option than Hobby Lobby's hanging jars, Michaels has a six-pack of mini jars for $5.99, but you'll need to purchase twine or wire to hang them. You'll also need a few solar light yard stakes from Dollar Tree. They have them in a silver and black finish for you to choose between. If you want to set up more than four hanging lanterns around your lawn, Amazon sells a 10-pack of stainless steel solar lights for $8.72. Lastly, you need plant hangers from Dollar Tree to hang your lanterns.

Aside from your materials, you'll need a couple of tools, such as adhesive glue and hot glue. Dollar Tree sells its version of super glue for $1.25, and it's water resistant, making it an excellent item to use since the lanterns will get wet when it rains or you water your lawn. Amazon sells a glue gun with glue sticks for $6.99. Once you purchase all of your materials, it's time to start DIYing your striking lantern lights.

Creating your lantern lights

Start by removing all of the stakes from the solar lights; they should easily pop off from the plastic cover. If you purchase the lights from Amazon, you can skip this step since you have to assemble the lights. Instead, attach the plastic cover to the ON/OFF base. Once you're left with the top half, glue it to the hanging mason jar. However, if you're gluing twine or wrapping wire around your mason jars to give them the hanging feature, add them before gluing the lights to the jar. Apply super glue to the jar's rim, followed by hot glue, then place the light inside the jar. Repeat the steps to make as many lanterns as you need. Set your jars aside and allow them to dry completely. In the meantime, decide how far apart you want your lanterns and start inserting your plant hangers along your lawn. Finally, hang your lanterns on the plant hangers and watch them light up your outdoor space.

We love this project because it's affordable and will last you for years. Using solar lights is a superb choice since they get charged by the sun. You don't have to change any batteries, and the water from the sprinklers won't affect them. These beautiful lantern lights make walking around your front yard easier and boost your curb appeal with a few affordable items.