This Pool Noodle Hack Will Keep Your Couch Covers Firmly In Place For That Crisp Look

Furniture slipcovers can often be a lifesaver when it comes to outdated furniture and changing home design trends. They can also be a great way to protect underlying upholstery from damage from pets or children. While many stylish varieties in all manner of materials are available, one of the chief complaints is migrating slipcovers, which often slip down, crease, and come loose with use. Youtuber Toy Box Pole Studio recently revealed a great hack for keeping wayward covers in place that involves inexpensive and widely available foam pool noodles. By slipping foam pieces between the back and side cushions and the sofa or chair's frame, covers will remain in place and crease-free.

These foam pieces are a more readily available and budget-friendly alternative to non-slip plastic inserts, wooden dowels, and other foam pieces sold specifically for keeping slipcovers in place from retailers, which can cost up to $20 per piece of furniture, which can add up if you have a room full of slip-covered pieces. Pool noodles, which can be found at craft stores like Michaels or discount stores like Dollar Tree, are a great alternative to these other, more expensive options. 

How to secure slipcovers with pool noodles

To use pool noodles to keep slipcovers from moving around too much, place one full pool noodle over the slipcover down between the cushions and the back of the sofa. Use two additional segments cut in half between the sides of the cushions and the arms of the sofa or chair. When someone sits on the cover, it may still pull at the cover, but the friction of the foam pieces will help keep it locked in place. They will not only help keep the cover from moving around or coming loose with use but will help it stay neat and tidy with fewer wrinkles.

Since pool noodles are easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife, this hack works for all different sizes of furniture to keep covers in place. For sectionals, use separate foam pieces for each side and piece of the sectional. Pool noodles are equally great for daybeds to keep sheets and covers tucked soundly around them. Just slide a noodle between the mattresses. You can also revive sofa and chair cushions by strategically placing pool noodles to give them renewed structure.