How To Create A Beautiful Display Wall With The IKEA BOAXEL System

Wall-to-wall shelving is one of those rare finds in homes and apartments, but a find that can be maximized to create dynamic and beautiful display space for décor items, books, art, and more. Built-in shelving or floating shelves often maximize space wherever it happens to be in a way that is not always possible with free-standing pieces. IKEA's BOAXEL system, often marketed as a solution to messy closet organization, may just be the solution to creating a stunning wall of shelving that fits all your needs. Using the BOAXEL system, you can create a completely customized shelving wall perfect for displaying and storing all your favorite things. 

Even better, the BOAXEL system is easy to assemble, sturdy, and budget-friendly, with even its larger configurations of shelves coming in well under $200 per set. In addition, the shelves are made of sturdy steel and particleboard, proven to meet the needs of all kinds of spaces, even those with high humidity like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundryrooms. The shelves come in various finishes, including white, gray, and oak veneer, so they can fit a range of design styles and aesthetics. 

Creating a display wall with BOAXEL shelves

TikTok users @iiinadiaiii and @thestackedstore were recently spotted showing off their BOAXEL shelving, including the easy installation. The brackets that hold the shelves fit into the mounting system rail, which can then be screwed into the wall studs. Once installed, the shelves are easy to adjust on the fly, with moveable snap-in brackets that are adjustable without having to completely empty or disassemble the other shelves. (This is great if you often change out your display or storage.)

Various length and width options are available from IKEA, including a long 73 3/4 inch shelf and a narrower 24 3/8 width shelf. By attaching several sets across a wall, you can create a custom wall of shelving perfect for displaying items securely and sturdily. There is also a version designed with home offices in mind, complete with a desk/table and others with attachable storage bins that are great for closet or craft room storage.

Use the BOAXEL system to create the stylish wall-to-wall home library of your dreams or use it to display your prized collections of pottery, antiques, or dishware. It also works great in a nursery or playroom for displaying books and toys since the wall-mounted shelves can be placed high to avoid climbing or tipping hazards.