This DIY Garden Path Is An Affordable Way To Add Natural Beauty To Your Lawn

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If you're looking out on your lawn and feel that something is missing, you may want to consider adding a garden path. A garden path is an attractive, usually easy, way to give your lawn some life and also adds a great, usable walking space for you and your family. If you want to go the DIY route, this TikTok shows how using tree rounds can upgrade your garden path. While this DIY isn't the easiest, and depending on how you seal it, can be just temporary, it can be a great option for the budget-conscious.

As shown in the TikTok, you first want to level and compact the ground where the path will go. This, along with cutting the wood slices, is likely the hardest part of this project. Once you have those two items checked off your list, you add a level of sand and then place your slices into the path, trying to cover as much sand as possible. The last step is to seal the wood before adding a final layer of sand to level the spaces between the wood.

What to consider before adding a wooded garden path

If you live in a wet, humid place, this path can actually become quite slippery and therefore, dangerous to use. Instead, consider this DIY garden path that uses stone instead of wood. If you are in a drier climate, you'll want to be sure to seal your wood before finishing. A natural wood sealer is best as it is better for the environment. Blossom and Branch Farm, who created the TikTok DIY, recommends using the Tried and True brand, which can be found on Amazon for $35.

The other thing to consider is that this wooded path may be only temporary. Blossom and Branch Farm's pathway lasted two years at the time of the video and was still going strong, but depending on your installation, climate, and the wood you choose, it may deteriorate quicker. Still, this DIY path is a great option for those looking to spice up their lawn without a big budget. Plus, there are so many ways to make it your own.

How to add flair to your wooded pathway

There are a ton of different stepping stones you can use to create a garden pathway. But if you want something that looks truly natural and earthy, wood is your best bet. If you feel that the wood pathway looks a bit dull, you can spice it up in a few different ways. We love the idea of adding lights to your pathway. Not only do lights add a gorgeous whimsical element, they are also practical for those walking around in the garden or backyard after sundown. You can opt for something more modern to contrast with the wood by choosing a black low-voltage option like these from Wayfair, or keep things more boho with this bamboo option from Amazon.

In addition to lights, you can also add color to the pathway by planting flowers or plants along the edges of the wood, add edging using bricks to make it more defined, or even add a pergola or overhang to keep the pathway shaded and showstopping.