The Pool Noodle Hack That Will Make Your Futon Cozier Than Ever

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Who doesn't love a good futon? They're versatile, affordable, and have an assortment of covers available for purchase. Even better, that ability to transition from a couch to a bed makes them ideal for studio apartments, small spaces, and guest rooms. Unfortunately, futons lack any type of box spring, so you may find that the frame's metal or wood bars are uncomfortable, especially if you have a thin mattress. But as TikToker @xangieangx demonstrates, you can cut pool noodles down to size and cushion an uncomfortable frame with them. This provides an instant layer of padding for your mattress, making your futon infinitely cozier. 

Since you can buy a six-pack of pool noodles on Amazon for $24.99, this hack is easy and inexpensive. Just be sure to have a good pair of scissors or a utility knife handy. Once you're done, your old futon will be your new favorite snuggle spot, and for good reason. Here's what you need to know about one of our favorite pool noodle hacks to use around the house

Cut pool noodles to cushion futon bars

As you style your futon, its frame probably goes overlooked, leaving you with an uncomfortable piece of furniture. But @xangieangx's TikTok shows that pool noodles can add a layer of padding to otherwise harsh metal or wood bars. Simply measure your futon's frame, cutting your pool noodles to match the length of each bar. You'll also need to cut your pool noodles lengthwise so they cover each bar perfectly, offering an even fit. When cutting a pool noodle down the middle, consider using a utility knife. You can use scissors, but a utility knife will give you a more uniform line. 

If you find that your pool noodles pop off or don't stay closed, you can always glue them shut. Once in place, all you have to do is add your futon mattress and enjoy a cozier, more comfortable space. Depending on the location of your futon, you might find that your pool noodles are visible from certain angles. As a solution, you can always cover them in fabric. Although you can spray paint pool noodles, there's a good chance any paint will transfer to your futon cover. Instead, create makeshift covers for your pool noodles using an old sheet or other piece of cloth.