This Unique Pool Noodle Hack Will Give Your Floor Lamp A Dazzling Upgrade

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Every home needs a bit of pizazz, and what better way to add some glitz and glam than with a custom floor lamp? Instead of spending a lot of money on a generic floor model, you can use a pool noodle and some silver spray paint to customize a one-of-a-kind lamp. You'll also need an old shoebox so you can build out a base, adding even more sparkle to this bespoke piece. Pool noodles are available on Amazon for less than $4, and you can buy a can of Glitter Blast spray paint for just under $15. You'll also need to add a few finishing touches to this project, but you'll have a beautiful new addition to your home decor without breaking the bank.

Aside from saving money, DIY crafts can help to reduce stress. You'll not only have the satisfaction of owning a beautiful homemade light fixture, but you'll also learn new skills. If you enjoy the way your lamp comes out, you can make these for multiple rooms in your home or even gift them to anyone looking to add pops of glitter to their house. And if you're looking to add more tricks to your list of pool noodle DIYs, then be sure to try this hack out.

Spray paint your pool noodles and add some glitter

When carrying out this hack, any single-stem floor lamp will do (skip tripods). To begin, measure your floor lamp's stem, cutting your pool noodle to match its length. Make sure to cut your pool noodle before painting it. This prevents the paint from flaking. After spray painting the noodle, slide it onto the lamp. You'll need to glue it closed using adhesive and silver glitter washi tape, available on Amazon for just under $6.

You'll also need a base for your lamp, covering the existing one with something glitzier. It's best to use a square shoebox, cutting a hole for the lamp stem and the power cord. Instead of spray painting the base, use silver contact paper. Although this video adds glue and glitter to the base, you can purchase glitter contact paper instead, skipping a step for less than $6. You'll also want to decorate your lamp shades using the glitter washi tape, creating any type of pattern you'd like.

Once your lamp is assembled, it's time to add some extra flair. Purchase silver plastic mini appetizer forks for about $9, remove the handles, and glue them to your pool noodle in a decorative pattern. Next, add single strands of rhinestones for less than $9. You could also attach a self-adhesive crystal rhinestone ribbon for about $12 if you want a chunkier look. The best floor lamps will brighten up your living room, and this one has plenty of glitz and glam to catch the light.