Spider Problem? This Fragrant Plant Will Send Them Scurrying Away

There's no denying that spiders serve some very important purposes. Not only do they eat a lot of super-annoying insects, like cockroaches and mosquitos, but they also make garden soil more fertile because they aerate it. That's all well and good outside, but it's a completely different story when they make their way inside to where often arachnophobic humans live, breathe, and sleep. 

It's possible to minimize the risk of spider invasion by utilizing a pest control service or creating your own DIY spider-repelling spray. Then there's the tried-and-true "trap it under a glass and release back into the wild" approach. While these are not necessarily bad options, some people might prefer to keep the spiders far from the home's perimeter in the first place. This feat can be accomplished by strategic planting of citronella grass. Not only will the plant reduce eight-legged pest potential, but it'll also look lovely and ward away some other pests, too.  

The main reason citronella grass keeps spiders away

Most people have a citronella candle or torch out on the back porch for use during the mosquito-riddled summer months. That's because citronella is said to cover up the scents that mosquitos like, such as flowers, perfume, and even particular human blood types. Ideally, when such implements are used a person can sit outside relatively unscathed by annoying insects.

The idea behind using a citronella plant to keep insects away is a more permanent and attractive solution than lighting up a candle. By planting the lemony-smelling plant around a property, the idea is that the insects will be repelled away from the house. Since spiders are always on the hunt for food, they won't be tempted to go inside the home to search for any juicy mosquitoes or flies. This hopefully eliminates or greatly reduces the number of pesky spiders that make their way inside!

Use this type of citronella plant to keep spiders away

If you live anywhere that insects are a problem during the warm-weather months, it's likely that finding and buying a citronella plant is as easy as walking into the local garden supply store. Otherwise, they can be purchased online and shipped straight to you. Just make sure to select the citronella geranium variety called Van Leeni for best results. It not only naturally contains citronellal in its leaves for maximum insect-deterring capabilities, but it also produces attractive purple flowers, and those are always nice.

The citronella geranium plant is also extremely convenient. It can be placed anywhere, as long as the soil drains well. They also like to have lots of full sun, so keep that in mind when selecting locations. Even people with limited planting spaces can utilize strategically placed planters to reap the benefits of citronella geranium. As a bonus, the plants can come inside during the freeze months and then be set back out again once temps start to climb.