Create Adorable Valentine's Day Accent Pillows With This Pool Noodle Hack

In the presence of the season of love, you may be racking your brain trying to figure out what to get your significant other, crush, or even just a platonic friend. While grand gestures of love and romance are always welcome, they perpetuate the norm. If you're looking for something a bit more personal, a gift crafted by your own hands and possessing sentimental value, you can instead decide to make some DIY Valentine's Day accent pillows. Don't worry — you won't need a sewing machine and endless piles of cotton for this crafts project. You will only need Valentine's Day-themed pool noodles ($1.25 at Dollar Tree), some faux fur ($9 on Amazon), hot glue, duct tape, and scissors. Following the direction of TikTok DIY decor specialist Kim Moore, the process includes cutting pool noodles, bending them into shape, and gluing the faux fur onto them.

The most popular Valentine's Day gifts are usually flowers, chocolates, or a romantic evening out. While you can still make those happen, chocolates get eaten, flowers die, and the evening date becomes a memory. Gifting your partner something tangible, like handmade pillows, will give them a symbol of your love to hold on to and remember every time they see it. Fortunately, it won't take you very long to make, and you can freestyle it however you wish. The pillows shouldn't cost you much, but the total cost depends on how many noodles and fur you decide to use.

Make any accent pillow shape you want

The first thing you need to do is determine what shapes you're going to bend the pool noodles into. The TikTok creator, Kim, made a gorgeous hugs and kisses pillow, but you can go further and spell something different, like "I HEART U" with a heart shape. You can even just make a big heart pillow. When you've made your decision, cut the pool noodles as needed and fix them into the letters. Use hot glue to secure it and duct tape if you need extra staying power. Once whipped into shape, cut the faux fur into suitable pieces and cover noodles, gluing where needed.

You can use different colors of faux fur to make your accent pillows. Red, pink, and white are romantic colors, so buy some red and pink acrylic paint to dye the white faux fur. Mix ¼ cup of paint with a cup of water well and dunk the pieces of fur in it. Make sure every bit is saturated before wringing it out and drying, then brush it out once it's fully dry. Another idea is to attach the pillows to a teddy bear. Valentine's Day accent pillows may be cute for the season, but your significant other might have to put them away eventually. It helps if it's attached to a teddy bear's hands to look like it's holding it and placed on a shelf. Just glue either end of the pillows to the bear's hands.