A Pool Noodle Is The Star Of This Stunning DIY Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Valentine's Day décor is possibly the most exciting to shop for after Christmas decorations. You get a tiny break between the holidays, but when you're wishing your home was filled with Christmas décor, Valentine's Day pops up. Whether you spend the day with your significant other or friends, the pink and red hues from heart balloons, table runners, and wine glasses are the best way to decorate your home for Valentine's Day. If it's your turn to host the V-Day party, you'll need to DIY this stunning floral heart-shaped centerpiece on your main table. Everyone's favorite DIY product is the star of the show: pool noodles. Since pool noodles are extremely bendable, they make the perfect base product for this DIY.

You can purchase pink pool noodles at Dollar Tree for $1.25. While you're there, pick up skewers, red and pink faux flowers, two packs of pink curly bows, a pink box with a lid, rubber bands, and a Valentine's Day sign that says "Love." The best thing about this DIY is you only need a hot glue gun and X-Acto knife. Other than that, the skewers will do most of the work to keep the noodles in place, but if you don't have skewers, a broom handle will work, too. If you're feeling extra creative the day you decide to follow this DIY, make a few centerpieces and customize them to make them all different. Once you get your materials, it's time to start putting everything together.

Creating your Valentine's Day pool noodle centerpiece

Start by cutting out a hole in the lid with your X-Acto knife. It should be wide enough to slip both pool noodles inside but small enough to prevent them from popping out. Then, with your preheated hot glue gun, add glue to the base inside the box and attach the ends of your two pool noodles to it. This step is optional, but it gives your noodles extra security. Slide the lid over the noodles to close them into the box. If you skip the glue, place the lid on the box and slide both noodles through the hole you made

Next, create a heart shape with the top ends of the noodles and tie rubber bands around them. Pink or red duct tape is an excellent alternative if you don't have rubber bands. Grab a skewer and stick it through the base and tip of the noodle. Repeat with the other side. After the noodles are secure, start decorating them with flowers. Puncture the flower's stems through the noodle along the heart shape. Glue your love sign to the heart's base. Finally, use the curly bows to hide the skewers. You should end up with a gorgeous multi-colored heart-shaped centerpiece for your Galentine's Day festivities. If you make other centerpieces, customize them by using a single color for the entire look, swapping out the Valentine's Day signs, or hiding the skewers with different materials. The possibilities are endless.

Customize your centerpiece with bears and garlands

Having a variety of Valentine's Day centerpieces elevates the rest of the décor. Instead of completely changing everything you're using, simply swap out a few items or add materials to your heart-shaped pool noodle. Dollar Tree has multiple Valentine's Day decorations you can choose from for your DIY. For instance, add a sparkly touch to your centerpiece by wrapping garland around the flowers. Create an all-red centerpiece with red roses and a red garland, and simply remove a few roses from the noodles and wrap the garland to fill the gaps. The Valentine's Day tinsel has red confetti and heart-shaped touches, but you can choose four designs from Dollar Tree to include in your DIY. Or, you can DIY a sustainable garland that's cute and classy. It gives the centerpiece a less formal and more playful look.

On the other hand, Dollar Tree has adorable Valentine's Day bears, which would make superb additions to the centerpiece. Swap the curly bows for a small bear to hide the skewers. You want to ensure the bear is small and lightweight so the skewers can hold it but are large enough to hide them. Wrap zip ties around the bear and skewers to keep them in place. It'll give the jumbo heart a cozy, romantic feel. Use this as a centerpiece or gift it to someone special.