Jasmine Roth Says This Bold Kitchen Design Feature Is Making A Major Comeback

While colorful kitchens were once a popular trend in the mid- to late-20th century, more recent decades have trended toward neutrals and classic white kitchens with minimal use of color, particularly when it comes to countertops. The kitchen design world on camera is filled with lustrous white marble and quartz, but HGTV's Jasmine Roth recently discussed an alternative that she believes will be hot in 2024. Showing off a kitchen redesign in a recent episode of "Help! I Wrecked My House," Roth unveiled a distinctive red marble on the buffet top that has the internet talking.

In the episode, Roth tells viewers, "This is what was going into houses in the '90s. It was out of style for a long time, but it's back." Here, the orange-red marble's warm tones are used as a complement to the overall warmer wood tone of the buffet and dining table, pairing well with the blush pink tiles above the buffet, which Roth says were a way to slyly bring in the homeowner's penchant for pink. 

A bold and colorful choice

Jasmine Roth's kitchen remodel of the home, necessary after flooding issues all but gutted the first floor, is a mix of mid-century modern style and modern design trends. Roth opened up the space significantly and added a large patio door looking into the backyard. In the kitchen, she mixed various complementary wood tones, including walnut cabinetry with solid white oak pulls. The very '70s vibe is completed by backsplash tile in green glass, and vintage touches in lighting and seating. The darker wood cabinets are offset by white appliances and counters in the kitchen, with the red marble used sparingly as an accent in the dining room. 

While not a popular choice in recent years, red marble, along with other darker shades, is cropping up more and more. You see it in both more subdued versions with less veining, as well as dramatic and vivid statement marble with heavy veining. While green and pink marble have been cropping up in kitchens here and there, Roth's use of the red shade is definitely a bold choice, but one she stands by. In the episode, she adds, "You saw it here first!"

Getting the look

Not just a 1990s throwback, red marble or granite can be an excellent way to bring in a sense of warmth in your countertop materials often lacking with more traditional stones in white or neutral shades. It's particularly complimentary to warmer, deeper wood tones like in Jasmine Roth's remodeled kitchen. As it is there, it can be mixed with other colors like blush and green, or stand out as a swash of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. It can look warm and cozy in a traditional or vintage kitchen, or read as sleek and dramatic in a modern one. 

If you are going for a dramatic or mid-century-inspired look in your kitchen, red stone counters may be a perfect choice. If the color seems a bit too much all over, try incorporating small bits of marble on an island, peninsula, or like Roth, on a buffet or bar top. For a bolder choice, try this Red Ravel Jasper marble on counters and backsplash. For something more traditional looking, try a Red Dragon Granite with subtle dark veining.