What Is IKEA Kreativ? The Design Tool You Need Before Your Next Renovation

Many interactive design tools out there can help you elevate your space using artificial intelligence. In a renovation, they help you to be accurate in your planning before making any physical changes or permanent commitments. You can simply create 2D and 3D versions of your spaces and update them as much as you need to until you're confident enough to move forward. IKEA Kreativ is one of these interactive tools. Using machine learning, the program allows you to clear out your space and visualize it with IKEA products.

Virtual tools like the Kreativ that assist you in planning and visualizing furniture in a space can make renovating or redecorating a home more effective. They can help you with the furniture layout and placement as you figure out the size and fit of what you want to include in the space. They also help with color matching as you can experiment with different combinations to create a cohesive color scheme.

It helps you plan the room accurately

The IKEA Kreativ design tool is intended to help you plan style-wise and also space-wise. From a style perspective, you can visualize how any products you're considering will look in real life and how they will work with other pieces. You'll be able to know if that IKEA BILLY bookcase you want to use as bar storage, for example, fits in with the cabinets and other pieces you're thinking of using in the kitchen.

Planning a space also requires working within the dimensions. You might have your eye on a sofa, but it might not be practical for the room, so the app can help you plan more realistically around your floor space. You'll be able to ensure that whatever you want works well with the room's dimensions instead of being too large or too small for the space. Since you can plan your space out virtually, the app also saves you the trouble of having to whip out the tape measure.

As you think about sizes and dimensions, pay attention to the traffic flow of the room and also the balance of colors and texture to create a well-rounded space. The tool also allows you to incorporate light fixtures and accessories like rugs and plants. An oversized plant, for example, might be the focal point you need in a very spacious room, but it won't work in a room that's already cluttered.

Using the IKEA Kreativ app

IKEA Kreativ can be used as an app on your phone or directly on the web. To create the scan in the app, you take a series of pictures and then move your phone according to the directions. It then generates a photo that you can work on. You can choose items to remove and choose IKEA products to add to the frame. This allows you to start planning anytime, regardless of what's in your space. On the web version, you can work with different types of empty rooms and just have fun with it.

If you need inspiration, you can pick from different types of showrooms instead of working on your design. You can also add items to your IKEA cart or wishlist and send your designs to others. The Kreativ app is designed to help you identify any potential issues or design flaws beforehand and minimize the need for costly adjustments afterward, so use it to guide your next renovation. It is available on iOS now.