How To DIY A Beautiful Valentine's Day Wreath Using Dollar Tree Items

For those looking for an inexpensive and easy way to decorate for Valentine's Day, making a wreath with supplies from Dollar Tree will help you stay on budget while celebrating. Since the cost-effective store has many craft supplies and trinkets geared toward Valentine's Day, there are tons of ways to DIY your own beautiful wreath. With a heart-shaped wreath frame, like this metal wreath form or this twig and roses wreath, some ribbon, tulle, burlap, foam or felt hearts, faux flowers, and hot glue, you can create the perfect wreath to fit your décor.

With Dollar Tree dusters, you can even make a hanging decoration that's soft and fluffy. The options for this DIY project are endless, and taking a trip to your local Dollar Tree might help you get inspiration or find supplies that aren't listed on the store's website. With a little imagination, you could make a wreath with classic Valentine's colors or muted hues or create accents, like a cupid's arrow, to make your wreath pop.

DIYing a Valentine's wreath with only Dollar Tree items

To make a fuzzy wreath, take your dusters from Dollar Tree and hot glue them along the metal heart-shaped wreath frame, starting from the base of the heart and working your way up. Once the dusters are secure, trim the fluff to accentuate the shape of your wreath. 

Decorate it with pink, red, and white foam balls or glitter foam hearts. If you'd like, you can also use ribbon, like these Valentine's themed wire-edged ribbonspre-cut heart ribbons, or thin ribbons with Valentine's prints, to make a bow or to wrap around the top of the heart to hang it. For those who don't like the white, fluffy look but still want something with a lot of texture, try using tulle. You can bunch up glitter tulle as you glue it to your frame, making sure not to leave any areas bare. Once your tulle is nicely attached to the wreath, decorate it with the Dollar Tree supplies of your choice, or leave it as it is for a simpler look. Your metal frame could also be wrapped with burlap, like lacey burlap ribbon or red burlap, and decorated with faux flowers.

More options for your Dollar Tree Valentine's wreath

If you prefer the twine wreath with some faux roses already on it, try further decorating it with more flowers, greenery, ribbons, or accents. You could pull the words "love" or "be mine" off a wall decoration from Dollar Tree to add to any style wreath, or you could create your own fixtures. To make a cupid's arrow, put felt hearts on both ends of a Valentine's themed pencil or a wooden dowel, facing the hearts the same way so that the point of the heart on one end forms the tip of the arrow. Then, glue it diagonally across your wreath. You could also pick out a cute stuffed animal or Valentine's gnome from the store to add something special to your wreath.

For a different shape try a round form, made from metal or foam and decorate it with conversation hearts, foam hearts, or flowers. You could also wrap a themed garland around your wreath to add more color and texture. As long as you have a frame, you can use any Dollar Tree items to DIY a gorgeous wreath to enhance your Valentine's Day décor.