The Trendy Candle Holder Beginners Can DIY With Dollar Tree Wood Blocks

Nothing is more relaxing than burning your favorite candle while you bathe, read a book, or catch up on the show you're watching. Candles create a soothing ambiance — especially if they're scented — reducing stress and boosting your mood. 

If you enjoy the look of candlesticks but don't have holders, DIYing candle holders with wooden blocks is straightforward. DIYers of all levels can master this simple project and end up with gorgeous wood candle holders. You might have seen various candle holders at many retail stores selling them for over $30, and while they look chic, it's expensive to buy multiple. Instead, using a few items from Dollar Tree and a 4 x 4 wood block from Lowe's allows you to make as many candle holders as you need for the price of one holder from a retail store.

You'll need two craft wood cubes from Dollar Tree, a 4 x 4-inch wood block from Lowe's, a drill gun, painter's tape, gold spray paint from Walmart, white spray paint from Walmart, and candlesticks. The 4 x 4 wood block is 8 feet tall; if you don't want that much wood, you can ask the Lowe's employees to cut the size you need or take the entire wood piece and make multiple candle holders of various heights. If you purchase the 8-foot wood piece, you'll need a saw to cut it. Once you gather your materials, it's time to start crafting.

DIYing your wood candle holders

The Dollar Tree wood blocks are perfect because you don't have to cut them to size. However, the wood piece from Lowe's will need to be cut, so measure how tall you want your candle holders to be and then cut them. You can saw one piece to start or a few to have as backups. After you're done sawing your wood, drill a 1½-inch deep hole on top to create the holder for the candlesticks. It should be as wide as the candlestick. Then, coat the blocks in gold; let them dry; and add painter's tape, creating your own design. Spray paint the exposed areas white and let them dry. Finally, place your candlesticks in the holders. You can glue them to the interior or add extra wax to keep them secure.

Set up your new candle holders in your living room, dining room table, or kitchen to always have a candle burning in your home. Soak your candlesticks in a saltwater bath to prevent them from dripping wax all over your table; it's a simple, easy hack to keep your candles from dripping. If you plan to make multiple candlestick holders, personalize them so that it feels like you have different ones in each room. Swap out the spray paint for other colors or add textural elements to elevate the wood blocks.

Customizing your wood candle holders

The great thing about this DIY is you have the creative freedom to personalize your wood block candle holders. For instance, if your home's interior is more rustic, shabby chic, or midcentury modern, you can stain the wood blocks a dark finish, then add white paint over the surface, creating light strokes to make the stain visible. Chalk paint is also a great way to upgrade your candlestick holders easily. You can tie twine around to add texture and contrast. Or, drill a rustic doorknob or handle to one side for an intricate design. Make five candle holders of varying heights to create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table. Add greenery like pine branches or an evergreen garland and intertwine them through the blocks for a lush look.

On the other hand, adding designs to wood blocks is easy with a jigsaw. If the blocks sit next to each other on a table, you can draw out a design on one side of each block so that when they sit next to each other, their cutouts connect to make a shape. For example, if you love stars, you can jigsaw half of a star on one side of a block and the other half on a second block, so you'll see a complete star when they're standing next to each other. It's a creative way to give your candle holder a unique design.