14 Famous HGTV Personalities And What It Would Cost To Hire Them

Have you ever watched your favorite home design show and wondered if you could afford to hire the host? In some cases, you can! While the pressures of busy filming schedules and other business ventures have pulled a few designers away from working with private clients, others still do. Even if you cannot hire your favorite HGTV designer for your project, some stars have started to give 1:1 coaching sessions to interested fans. So while Bobby Berk or Leanne Ford might not give you the living room of your dreams, you can still chat with them to get their take on your space.

Even better, other HGTV stars are actively casting for their new shows, and your house might make the cut — if you have the budget and are in the filming city. Here's the details on some of our favorites, whether they are available for private clients, and what you have to pay (and where you have to be!) to work with them on their show.

1. Jennifer Todryk of No Demo Reno only takes clients in Dallas

Jennifer Todryk was a famous blogger before taking over HGTV with her hit show "No Demo Reno." Her blog, Life as a Rambling Redhead, walked readers through everything under the sun — from fashion and beauty to home design. Now, she transforms homes in the Dallas area without knocking down walls and stripping cabinets. Fans interested in working with Todryk are in luck, as there are still a few ways to connect with the star and her services.

To be featured on the show, you must own a home near Dallas. You should have a redecoration budget of at least $100,000, although the show can work with larger ones (up to $225,000). You should have multiple rooms that need a little TLC and be willing to live off-site for filming. This can take up to 10 weeks, give or take. If this doesn't sound like you, you can also hire out the coffee shop Armor Coffee, which features on the show. The venue has a private meeting room, which members of the public can reserve. Prices start at $20 for an hour or $200 for a day. You might even see Todryk on-site, too!

2. Denese and Mike Butler own a remodeling agency

Denese and Mike Butler host "Fix My Frankenhouse." The series showcases the couple's ability to step in when DIY design projects get out of hand and people need an expert to swoop in and fix things up. They save homeowners from their "Frankenhouse" and instead provide stylish and cohesive designs. So, anyone currently stuck with a home renovation gone wrong will be pleased to know that not only do the Butlers own a design agency, but they are also currently taking private clients.

The firm, known as The Perfect Vignette, provides a lot more services than seen on the show. If you want your project perfect from start to finish, you don't even need a "Frankenhouse" to apply. The Butlers do customized floorplans, all purchasing and ordering, as well as project management. They will even hand-select your furniture! Because the level of involvement in your project differs, the pricing will, too. "Our pricing structure is tailored to accommodate various materials and the specific scope of each project," a The Perfect Vignette representative replied when asked for budget information. The Butlers currently live in Boston, although there is no mention of location restrictions for projects on the website.

3. David Bromstad doesn't do private client work, but will speak at your event

David Bromstad has been stealing hearts and inspiring minds on HGTV since he won the first season of "Design Star" way back in 2006. Since then, he has hosted other hits like "Color Splash" and "My Lottery Dream Home." Bromstad is known for his love of color, vibrant personality, and very, very cool collection of tattoos.

Unfortunately for superfans, getting the chance to work with Bromstad is about the same as winning the lottery — in that, you do have to have won a large monetary prize to be featured on his show. That said, the producers nearly always have feelers out for casting, so this could be your lucky day if you are ready to invest your winnings back into your home. If you haven't struck gold, you can still hire Bromstad to speak at your event. His speaking fees vary, but virtual appearances start at $20,000, while live spots begin at $30,000.

4. Leanne Ford offers 1:1 virtual consultations

Leanne Ford is one half of the dynamic brother-sister design duo on "Restored by the Fords." She is known for her love of white and her ability to style the color in layers around a space. The series showcases her ability to make old and rundown spaces seem comfortable and chic, and to breathe new life into modern but sterile homes. Ford doesn't currently book out for private design clients, but she does make herself available for short consultations. Fans can book a 25-minute session for $1,000 or a 55-minute session for $2,000. These are virtual video sessions that take place on The Expert, a platform connecting designers to clients.

You can chat with her about a specific project you are doing around your house, or just pick her brain about her design style in general. You can bring things like blueprints, color swatches, and even floor plans to discuss with her. If you want to have a career like Ford, she is even willing to give you advice on that, too.

5. Genevieve Gorder charges for advice in half-hour increments

As one of the original designers on "Trading Spaces," Genevieve Gorder has been making a splash on the television design scene since the early 2000s. Gorder's style ideas have evolved over her years with HGTV to stay relevant, but she has never lost her ability to create warm, personality-filled spaces for her clients. While she doesn't do private design at the moment, those interested can still hire her for 1:1 virtual design consultations.

Appointments begin at $350 for a 30-minute chat and are available up to $1,400 for two hours of her time, paid in full at the time of booking. In addition to payment, potential clients need to provide information about their overall budget for their project and which rooms of their home they are working on. They will also need to mention any contractors or architects they might already be working with. If you are interested in booking a slot but are unsure about the amount of time needed to discuss your concerns, please reach out to Gorder's team in advance for the best advice. Bookings take place directly on her website.

6. Bobby Berk offers 1:1 sessions to help you polish off your space

Bobby Berk is the loveable home and design expert on "Queer Eye." Even more famous than the classic home makeovers he performs on the show is the amount of airtime they actually get. "Absolutely nothing is funnier to me than the fact that queer eye dedicates about five minutes of each episode to Antoni cutting an avocado and around 15-20 seconds to Bobby literally building a house," a fan tweeted.

That said, Berk is available for virtual design sessions via The Expert. Whether you want to chat to him about his undersung efforts on the show or get advice on your design projects, he is open to clients. Fans can book a 25-minute session for $1,000 or a 55-minute session for $2,000. Suggested topics of conversation include coaching on which furniture to purchase and where it best fits in a space, finalizing the floor plan of your home, and career advice for people who admire his work. Time is sure to fly when speaking with Berk, so be sure to come to your session prepared!

7. Mikel Welch offers short and long consultations, depending on the budget

Mikel Welch took over hosting an episode of "Trading Spaces" during the 2019 reboot of the series. He quickly became a hit with fans of the show who enjoyed the breadth of inspiration in the rooms he created. Luckily, Welch owns and operates a home design company and does both virtual consultations and in-home transformations. His team is based in New York City and specializes in high-end residences. The prices for such projects vary and can fluctuate depending on the number of rooms transformed, the materials used, and the overall length of the project.

If you would like to book Welch for a quick chat about your project, calls are available via The Expert. Those interested will pay $250 for a 25-minute session or $500 for a 55-minute session. The best session length for you depends on how far along you are in your project. If you have lots of specific questions, the longer session is better. If you are still dreaming and planning, go shorter.

8. Tiffany Brooks charges by the room

Tiffany Brooks won the 2013 season of "HGTV Design Star." She then went on to be a contestant in Season 2 of the network's "Rock the Block." She now owns and operates Tiffany Brooks Interiors, Inc. and wants to encourage fans that they can work with a designer — yes, even one that was on HGTV. Brooks is very upfront about her pricing model on her website. "For larger projects, I strive to reduce stress by using a transparent, hourly-based method of billing that clearly outlines the process, installation, timeline, and anticipated," she wrote. "In most design projects, I am usually able to give an estimate of the needed design hours upfront. This way, everyone involved can focus on being 100% creative and not watching an imaginary project clock."

If you are working on a smaller project or working with Brooks remotely, she also offers per-room packages. These include a complete shopping list (with links to everything you need to buy), as well as complete installation instructions. These start at $990 for a bedroom. You have unlimited support from Brooks for a specific period, and then can be charged hourly at $100 once that period expires.

9. The Home Edit prices vary by city

If you love watching "The Home Edit," you will be excited to know that having Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin (and team!) come to do the same thing in your house is pretty affordable. The founders and their team have permanent locations in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, NYC (five boroughs & Tri-state area), and the San Francisco/Bay area. If you live outside these areas (but still in the USA and Puerto Rico!), you can have them come out; you just have to factor in travel costs. This would be anywhere from $185 to $250 an hour, plus expenses.

If you live outside the USA, or don't want to pay travel costs, The Home Edit also provides virtual services. The package starts at $895 per space, but you can add extras like a dresser organizer for $395 or a coat closet for $595. These packages are non-refundable but can also be purchased as a gift card for someone else. You can book directly on The Home Edit website. 

10. Nate Berkus and his team still accept clients

Nate Berkus has been a famous name in home design on television for years, starting with a partnership with Oprah way back in 2008. These days, he and his husband Jeremiah Brent are all over the scene creating stunning spaces both in their own home and for clients. If you are a fan of Berkus' work, you can hire his team to design your home. He co-owns design firm Nate Berkus Associates with Lauren Buxbaum Gordon. The company has offices in Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. It does both residential and commercial projects.

Pricing information is not made publicly available by Nate Berkus Associates, as each project receives a custom quote based on location, materials, and overall timeline. It also depends on who you work with at the firm, as based on the website, you are most likely not working directly with Berkus but rather with a design team he curated. That said, due to Berkus' years of experience and high level of skill, prices of consultation or services are likely to be larger than the $2,000 per hour fees of Bobby Berk and Leanne Ford.

11. The Rico to the Rescue star has many contractors in the Denver area

Rico León, the host of the popular new show "Rico to the Rescue," has many businesses serving the Denver, Colorado area. While his series focuses on helping people who are trying to rebuild after a disaster, his local businesses take clients with many different needs. They are Red Hawk Roofing for home roofing installation and repairs, DaVinci Realty for buying and selling property, as well as Goat Development and Builders for new construction projects. While Rico is involved in owning and running each business, based on the information on each website, he has a dedicated team you will work closely with, rather than him directly.

DaVinci Realty likely charges the standard 6% fee associated with selling a house, while Red Hawk Roofing and Goat Development and Builders put together custom-priced packages. For example, the pricing for a roof replacement depends "on the type of roof, condition of the roof, and number of shingle layers you have" (per Red Hawk Roofing), although the current average in the USA is $11,500.

12. Sarah Richardson runs a full design agency

Sarah Richardson has been a part of HGTV for almost as long as the channel has been around. She's hosted shows like "Sarah's House," "Design Inc." and "Sarah's Cottage Rental." In 1998, she founded Sarah Richardson Design and has been creating bespoke interiors for clients ever since. "We craft interiors for modern living that are informed by a classic perspective. While living in today's world, we are constantly looking towards the future, yet also respecting the journey that has brought us to where we are today," she writes.

Because the packages offered by the firm vary significantly based on the size of the project, her team was unable to provide specific pricing information. For example, the pricing for a service like an architectural plan review and high-level design consultation would vastly differ from a top-to-toe turnkey home build or renovation. If you love Richardson's style and would like to work with her, it is best to reach out with the scope of what you might like to accomplish. This way, the team can put together a quote within your budget and still make your dreams for the project come true.

13. Veronica Valencia has active design studios in NYC and LA

Veronica Valencia is new to HGTV, starring in the 2023 debut hit "Revealed." The show is unique in that Valencia uses her clients' cultures to inspire their home décor. "I'm both Mexican American and Native American and very proud of my cultures," she told HGTV. "And so are the families we feature on 'Revealed,' where we incorporate personal artifacts into their home design to help bring their histories and stories to life."

If you would like a similar experience when designing your home, you are in luck, as Valencia has a design studio that is actively taking clients in NYC and LA, although clients outside these areas are also encouraged to be in touch. Valencia and her close-knit team of designers have completed more than 600 projects together. They work best on projects like new construction homes with tight turnaround schedules. Pricing information is not publicly available from the firm, as the costs for each project vary greatly. The quote for ground-up design services that go on for months, versus redesigning a living room, are going to be very different. Potential clients are encouraged to submit their budget when inquiring about services, so Valencia can advise about whether it's a fit. You can book directly through her website.

14. The Property Brothers require a six-figure renovation budget

Drew and Jonathan Scott are best known for their HGTV hits like "Buying and Selling," and of course, "Property Brothers." With over a decade of work in home renovation behind them, it's understandable that fans are eager for the chance to work with the brothers firsthand. Unfortunately, the Scott brothers don't seem to do private design work. But the good news is there are still a few ways to hire and work with them.

If you would like to have your home worked on by the Scotts, you need to be cast on a show they are filming. This could be a spin-off of the "Property Brothers" franchise or "Brother vs. Brother." It all depends on who is filming when you apply. You can apply through the HGTV casting page but need to prove you have financing in place. For some shows, the renovation budget is a minimum of $180,000. If you don't want to renovate your house or it doesn't fit into your work schedule, you or your organization could also always hire the brothers to speak at your event. Back in 2019, The List reported that their speaking fee ranged from $75,000 to $149,999. The List's source no longer lists those numbers. As those interested must now reach out for a quote, we can only assume they have risen significantly.