Genevieve Gorder's Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Genvieve Gorder is a recognizable personality in the realm of celebrity designers, having created her brand of style via regular appearances on some of the first television shows that featured home interior transformations. Beginning with TLC's "Trading Spaces" in 2000, Gorder was the free-spirited cast member known for implementing her visions in bare feet, according to One Country. On HGTV's "Design Star," Gorder turned the tables as a panelist, judging others' renovations, and her latest stint saw her as host of "Best Room Wins" on Bravo; she's an enduring presence with eight different TV series on her resume. 

Many don't realize that Gorder started her journey with a position for MTV, according to USA Today, but the story fits with her worldly persona; HGTV explains that she cut her teeth with exclusive design studios in Europe and New York City and is now at the helm of her own. A recent pet project involved creating interiors for a video-game developer. Additionally, according to Beanstalk, Gorder has collaborated with retailers such as Crate & Barrel and Capel Rugs, as well as various hospitality companies. She doesn't like to limit herself to one concentration and believes that success stems from embracing opportunity.

Gorder's achievements have not seemed to temper her enthusiasm and passion for design, and the motivation feels personal, relaying that when transforming a space, her focus is to make the client's soul apparent. Here is some advice she shares on how to do that.

Embrace color

Genevieve Gorder lamented the prevalence of cream and beige rooms in homes, according to Illinois Times. She pointed out that paint is an easy and economical way to transform interior spaces and that neutrals are relied on too heavily, with people playing it safe. Furthermore, though she agrees neutrals have their place as a foundation in design, she noted to House Beautiful that no one will ever claim beige as their favorite color. Gorder believes we need to make the effort to figure out the type of environment we want to live in and that we frequently allow fear to keep us from trying something we'll actually love, adding that mistakes can always be repainted. One of her resounding design philosophies is that a home should reflect the personality of its occupant(s), and paint color is a great way to accomplish that. 

Gorder also thinks that homeowners often fall into a color matching trap, where too many items, such as the sofa, chairs, and drapery, are all the same shade. A better way to approach it is to consider using hues that complement each other and work effectively together. She describes different colors as having varying characters, so combining them creates balance and interest rather than a one-note space.

Showcase your personality

Genevieve Gorder says that most of decorating is emotional, per Illinois Times, and our homes should feel good while also mirroring our authentic selves. She recommends creating moments that afford a peek into the interior of our interior if you will; a family photo vignette or a personal artwork are two examples. The designer describes herself as extroverted and serendipitous, per USA Today, and she celebrates a highly individual approach to design, however, she also suggests looking around for inspiration, including the many online platforms available, like e-commerce websites, social media, blogs, and digital magazines. 

Additionally, she feels that designing a space boils down to discovering what brings you happiness (via HGTV ); to that end, Gorder recommends thinking outside the big box home decor store mentality and getting creative. She likes to use both old and new items, shopping salvage and vintage along with current retail offerings; the kitchen in her own 1850s-built brownstone mixes genres and eras. For her, it's another avenue for fashioning a warm and eclectic space. And, in regard to personality, Gorder suggests accessories as an affordable and fun means to get unique, true-to-you rooms that can grow and change along with you.