Lowe's Predicts This Timeless Bathroom Vanity Trend Is Here To Stay In 2024

Bathroom trends can be spurred by different things. Maybe an old pattern is making a comeback or a fun color has popped up in the design world and people are finding creative ways to incorporate it around the home, like when soft sage green recently made waves again. You can never run out of new ideas when designing a bathroom space, but the basics are still strong contenders. Lowe's has some ideas of what to expect in bathroom design in 2024, specifically with vanities, and they say the classic white vanity is still relevant.

"Some things will never go out of style, like a simple white vanity with matching white countertop," explains Ashley Tyler in a Lowe's article. White is a timeless and classic color that can work in any space. The combination of a white vanity and a white countertop is very versatile and can make the bathroom feel bright and spacious. It can also suit various design aesthetics, which will allow you to modify your bathroom in other ways.

The classic white vanity and countertop combo

White vanities offer the best of both worlds. They are an easy look to put together in the bathroom but provide an excellent backdrop for you to take risks with the rest of the decor. The Lowe's article mentions brushed nickel fixtures as a great companion with the white vanity-countertop combo, which is a great choice to play it safe and keep things classic. However, you can also choose accessories that add more interest to the space. Instead of the nickel finish for your towel rings, consider the matte black version. It costs $25 at Lowe's. Instead of brushed nickel for the shower curtain hooks, the brushed gold adds a lot more pop and warmth. The Allen + Roth 12-pack costs $9.20 at Lowe's.

Another way to add some warmth to balance out the white is by incorporating textiles and other materials in warm, lively colors. Items like rugs, towels, storage baskets, and mirror frames in earth tones and neutral colors are some options to consider. The Chenille Shaggy bath rug in light blue will add a bright pop as well as a lot of texture to the bathroom. You can also find it at Lowe's for $13.89. Accessories like this are also easy to swap out so you can change the mood and atmosphere whenever you want. The light blue might work for spring, but you might want yellows and browns as part of your cozy fall decor, and then switch to navy blues, charcoal grays, or a black-and-white color palette to match the coolness of winter.