Brilliant IKEA Storage DIYs For Maximizing Space In Your Cluttered Kitchen

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Kitchens are prone to clutter for all sorts of reasons. Whether you have a small space, too few storage cupboards, or just one too many cooking appliances, IKEA has some organizing solutions for you. While some IKEA kitchen products are designed specifically for organization, there are also some storage DIYs you can try, using alternative items. These DIYs might even use some IKEA pieces you already have one hand!

Organizing clutter doesn't only make your space look neater, it can also help you clear up counter space for food prep and ultimately optimize your small kitchen. Some of these storage DIYs help to keep items in their place so that they're easier to find. Others make the storage look nicer overall. Lastly (and maybe most importantly), many help to add some much-needed storage space. With few tools involved, these easy IKEA storage DIYs maximize space and bring order to a cluttered kitchen.

Add a hanging rod for easy and versatile storage

It's such an easy solution that can add so much storage space: Take an IKEA hanging rod and mount it to the kitchen wall. The Hultarp rail is a stylish choice, but IKEA has a few other rod options as well. You can use S-hooks to hang items like pots, pans, and mugs from the rod. Hanging baskets are also available for you to store odds and ends. Another option is to follow the lead of this example photo, and use curtain rings with hooks to hold spices, herbs, or other light items like kitchen towels. Keep in mind that the rod doesn't need to be installed onto the wall. You can also mount it to the back of a pantry door or inside cupboard doors to add hidden storage.

Combine an IKEA spice rack and hanging rod for stunning rustic wall storage

This DIY takes mounting a hanging rod a step further and essentially creates double the storage space. It works by attaching some IKEA spice racks together (the Bekvam spice rack is a lovely choice that's made of wood, so you can paint or stain it if you like). Then, take a hanging rod and screw it onto the bottom. Mount the unit to the wall and you have double the storage space: the spice rack section on top, which is perfect for propping up paintings and small kitchen items, and the hanging rod on the bottom, which you can add S-hooks, hanging baskets, or curtain rings too, similar to the previous hack.

Magazine files are useful for organizing a range of items

Magazine files are useful for organizing a range of items. They're the perfect size for keeping items separate, and best of all, there are plenty of affordable IKEA options as well. A cardboard option, like the Tjabba magazine file, is the cheapest choice, but if you have room in the budget, a plastic or wire mesh file is more sturdy. Made of rattan, the Trummis magazine file is a stylish pick for open storage. No matter which magazine file material you choose, you can label or decorate it to your liking. Face the magazine file forward to make them easy to reach into or backwards if you want to hide its contents. If you're short on cupboard space, you can even mount one to the inside of a cupboard or pantry door as a hanging storage bin.

Build storage-filled bench seating that is perfect for a breakfast nook

IKEA Kallax shelves are very popular since they're basic, affordable, and versatile. But if you have a shelf that you no longer need, you can give it a second life by turning it into a breakfast nook seat. To do so, flip the shelf on its side and find a piece of wood that covers the entire open side. To create a comfier seat, use project foam for the bench seat. With the benchtop mounted on the shelves with hinges, you'll be able to open up the seat to store items in the shelf spaces. Using small storage bins is the easy way to keep items off the floor.

A pegboard wall is so versatile, and looks gorgeous too

If your kitchen walls are bare, then you're missing out on a ton of storage space. While shelves are useful, a pegboard is even more versatile — it's so easy to adjust it to your own liking. A mix of wall shelving and pegboards is even better. IKEA's Skadis line is an easily customizable choice, with shelves, hooks, containers, and even elastics to create your own pegboard layout.

Add hanging baskets to almost any cupboard space

If you look in most kitchen cupboards, you'll notice unused space above stored items, as many kitchen bits and bobs simply aren't tall enough to fill the entire space. Take advantage of that unused space with clip-on baskets for a perfectly organized kitchen cabinet. IKEA's clip-on baskets will fit most kitchen cupboard shelves, and some baskets can even be hung onto each other to add more organization. The Kallax wire basket is a stylish choice that comes in a brass color, while the Pålycke clip-on basket is a plainer but more affordable pick. Baskets with hooks, like the Omar clip-on basket, can also be useful if you have shelves with a lip, where you can hang this type.

Hack a rolling cart

Adding a rolling cart is a go-to solution to add more kitchen storage, but you can take it a step further by making some small additions to your cart. The main way to boost storage is by adding hooks: on wooden carts, like the Bekväm or Rågrund cart, you can do so with some simple screw-in hooks, which will add hanging space. Wood carts are easier to stain or paint too, so you can also update its look by changing up the color. If you don't want to screw holes into your cart, or your cart is a different material, consider using Command hooks for a damage-free option. Lastly, don't overlook the top level of your cart. For example, if you have a Råskog utility cart, the Högsma chopping board is actually designed to fit perfectly over the top, so you can take advantage of that extra bit of flat table space.

Make your own custom standalone storage cabinet

With just a few tools, you can create your own custom storage out of an old wooden IKEA cabinet. With a couple of design upgrades, the finished project doesn't even look like it's from IKEA! This DIY project uses an Ivar cabinet, adding a coat of paint, cabinet hardware, and splayed legs to give it a midcentury-modern look. It's a far cry from the plain original cabinet, adding stylish, movable storage to a small kitchen. Watch the full tutorial here

Create a wine shelf

This project creates a lovely wine shelf with very few tools: you'll only need a small saw, Ostbit plate holder, and a wooden plank that's large enough to use as a shelf. When cut in half and attached to the shelf, the plate holder turns into wine glass storage. This shelf is the perfect option for storing your wine glasses (therefore clearing up cabinet space) and keeping your favorite bottles on display. Add a couple of extra screw-in hooks to the bottom of the shelf for even more hanging space. Follow the full tutorial here

Place shelves on top of a kitchen bench to add tons of vertical storage space

Whether you're renting or just don't want to drill tons of holes in your walls, sometimes installing wall shelving isn't an option. To recreate the look of shelves and add tons of storage space, consider placing IKEA shelves on top of your kitchen counter. This hack adds that vertical storage space without using a bunch of screws. Another option is to place a glass-front cabinet, like the Skruvby cabinet, which can offer a more built-in look. Just keep in mind that a bit of screwing into the wall might be required, as it's best to anchor the unit to the wall for safety.

Transform your old Kallax unit into a coffee bar

Do you have a Kallax shelf that isn't being fully utilized? Give it an aesthetic upgrade and clear some cupboard and counter space by turning it into a chic DIY coffee bar or tea bar. Screwing new legs into the bottom of the unit really updates the look, and adding mug hooks inside provides a more efficient spot for storing coffee cups. The top of the unit is the perfect place to keep your coffee machine, electric kettle, or coffee and tea add-ins, so they're no longer crowding the counter.

Hack a monitor stand or cutting board into a coffee or tea station

If you don't have the space (or the DIY prowess) to make a coffee bar from a Kallax shelf, this is an easy alternative that sits on your counter. Essentially, take an IKEA product that is large enough to hold your coffee or tea set-up, and that has some space underneath. The Elloven monitor stand is originally designed for the office, but it makes for a great coffee maker stand, with a shelf underneath for storing coffee pods or teabags. The Stolthet cutting board is another option with empty space underneath, where you can place your own tray to store these accoutrements.