Jenny Marrs Proves Bold Cabinets Can Make A Big Impact In A Basic Laundry Room

Alongside her husband Dave, Jenny Marrs has transformed plenty of houses into dream homes on "Fixer to Fabulous," and her take on a laundry room was no different. Via the Dave and Jenny Marrs blog, Jenny Marrs recapped a renovation she worked on for a couple named Daryl and Claudia in Season 5, Episode 13. Daryl and Claudia were looking to make their ranch-style home functional and bright. As part of the renovation, Marrs changed up the design of both the kitchen and the adjoining laundry room. 

She chose the De Nimes paint color from Farrow & Ball for the laundry room, breathing fresh life into what was previously a dull and uninspired space. De Nines, a charming denim blue shade, is striking but doesn't overwhelm the area it was used in, an important thing to keep in mind when you're updating a small space. For a similar shade, try Steep Cliff Gray from Benjamin Moore or Magnet Dapple from Valspar. Although it may seem like an odd choice for a laundry room, Marrs' decision proves that, when balanced correctly, adding a bold color can elevate even the smallest of rooms. 

It's good to go bold in small spaces

When using a bold paint color, keep the rest of the room simple. Jenny Marrs decided to keep the walls of the laundry room a neutral white shade. This is a good trick to remember when renovating your laundry room (or any space in general) — if the cabinets are bold, keep the walls neutral. If the walls are bold, keep the cabinets neutral. This way, you'll ensure the room looks cohesive instead of visually overwhelming. 

Though Marrs and her team swapped out the cabinets in the laundry room as well as painted them, even just a fresh coat of paint can transform yours into a stylish laundry room. Painting existing cabinets will make a big difference without breaking the bank, making this renovation relatively budget-friendly. The actual expense will depend on whether you hire a professional or paint them yourself.

As proven by the above makeover, you don't have to reserve dark paint colors for larger spaces. In fact, using darker paint in a small room can often make it appear a lot more visually interesting than it would if painted a neutral color. Keep in mind that if your original cabinets are made of dark wood, you may need to apply a good primer or strip and bleach them before going in with paint. To bleach cabinets, you'll need to sand them, then brush on the bleach evenly. The extra step is well worth it so the paint comes out the right hue and with a smooth finish.