Is This TikTok-Approved Bed Warmer Really Worth The Splurge?

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Nothing says cozy more than snuggling under thick blankets into a warm bed before drifting off to sleep. Extra bedding during the colder months is especially necessary. However, if you experience the chills too easily and have to have all the heaters on, this isn't always a foolproof solution. Sometimes you need that little extra kick of heat, so a TikTok user @arinsolange scoped out a device that directly heats your bedding. The BedJet climate control system works by fitting a vent underneath your bed through the frame and retails on Amazon at a whopping $599. Compared to other means of warming yourself up at night, it may be worth the splurge if you prioritize safety, long-term utility costs, and portability.

The BedJet comes as a portable device connected to a long tubed vent that blows warm air through your bedding when you want it. Despite its exorbitant cost, it comes with several perks. The tool has easy temperature control settings using the remote as well as instant activation, so you won't need to wait to be toasty. You also don't need to worry about sweating from the heat because the vent gets rid of humidity, too. You also get to save on your electric bill by not using the house heating system. On the outside, the BedJet seems to be a great option, but you have to consider the negatives as well and find a more suitable and affordable alternative to give you a comfortable night's rest.

BedJet versus heated blankets and throws

The BedJet may not be advisable for people who suffer from asthma. In @arinsolange's TikTok video, one user suggested in the comment section that the gasses released by the device may make asthmatics sick. However, there's nothing about being gas-powered on the official website. Luckily, there are also a plethora of other ways to get toasty in your bed when the temperature is dropping, like using an electric blanket, heated throw, or even just a very heavy duvet. 

Electric blankets are way more available cost-wise because you can snag one for as low as $65, a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a BedJet. However, electric blankets pose the risk of starting fires or burning yourself. They are also not portable as they are usually permanently attached to the bed and you can't wrap yourself in them because of how hot they get. Unlike these, the BedJet's vent tube can be moved around the bed in whatever direction you want. You also need to be extra careful washing an electric blanket as it can easily be damaged.

You could opt for a heated throw blanket, which is more portable than the electric and in the lower tens of dollars but still carries the same risks. Heated throws are also not advisable for pregnant women. If you have pets, nothing is stopping them from gnawing at the wires in the blanket and ruining them for good.