The Best LED Wall Decor Finds That Will Bring Your Home To Life

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If you're considering ways to add a unique touch to a room in your home that'll make it look more exciting, there are many decor options. Paintings, drawings, signs, photographs, and more unusual pieces of wall art can all add beautiful flair to any wall in your home, but what if you want something more eye-catching? LED wall decor is a fun spin on traditional wall art, the glow providing a captivating and bold look to help your home stand out. 

While this glowy wall art seems super contemporary, neon signs date back to 1910, believe it or not. Although older neon lights were easily damaged and used a lot of electricity, the concept evolved into today's more convenient and environmentally friendly LED products. These days, anyone can purchase LED wall art for their homes; if you want your house to be the most exciting hangout spot among all your friends, bring the vibes with LED wall decor. 

How we selected products

While many people may like these trendy wall art ideas, we understand that everyone has different tastes. So, we were sure to look for various LED wall decor options to match different aesthetics and styles. Whether you want something to help set the party scene, help you relax after a stressful day, or anything in between, we found the perfect LED decor and will present those different options in numerous subcategories to avoid wasting your time.

Moreover, we're aware that some shoppers may want to stick to a budget, while others are looking to splurge, so we found pieces at different price points so money concerns won't necessarily prevent anyone from finding their ideal LED wall decorations. We also carefully and thoroughly assessed the customer ratings of each item and read numerous reviews to be sure that real consumers enjoy the products so that you'll be happy with them, too.

Best overall: YIKBIK Don't Quit Neon Wall Sign

Not only is this LED wall decor product from YIKBIK an Amazon's Choice item and under $50, but it has an inspirational message. The sign will remind you not to quit your goals and dreams whenever you look at it, and that motivational theme puts this item in the best overall spot. Plus, it has 4.6 out of 5 stars with more than 200 reviews, and 80% of reviewers gave it perfect five-star ratings.

Purchase the Don't Quit Neon Wall Sign on Amazon for $42.99.

Best budget-friendly LED wall decor: Five Below Valentine's XO LED Wall Light

While this LED wall decor item has Valentine's in the name, it's ideal to hang up any time of the year — not just Valentine's Day — if you want something compact and sassy. The pinkish-purple battery-operated wall art is 8.85 inches by 7.48 inches by 0.67 inches and will add a fun touch to any wall you hang the piece on. Furthermore, the price is so low that you may want to buy more than one.

Purchase the Valentine's XO LED Wall Light from Five Below for $5.

Best splurge: Pottery Barn Create Your Own Neon Flow LED Wall Light

Pottery Barn allows you to customize an LED sign in various color options, such as pink, yellow, blue, or a different hue. You could go with your name or a loved one's name. You could also choose an inspirational word or your favorite movie's title. The options are endless — making this piece worth the splurge.

The Create Your Own Neon Flow LED Wall Light is available at Pottery Barn for $199 for one to three characters, $349 for four to six characters, and $499 for seven to nine characters.

Best mini: Five Below Snail LED Wall Light

Are you looking for a touch of brightness rather than anything drastically statement-making for your LED wall decor? This adorable and affordable battery-powered LED piece will light up your wall but won't appear overpowering, making it ideal for small spaces. It's 9.8 inches by 6.7 inches and features a playful pinkish-purple and yellow-orange snail graphic, and it needs three 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries. While it's not the loudest LED wall art option, it's arguably the cutest.

Purchase the Snail LED Wall Light at Five Below for $5.55.

Best large LED wall decor: Neooglroad Large Good Vibes Only Neon Sign

On the other hand, many readers are likely looking for a dramatically eye-catching piece of LED wall art that is impossible to miss and can brighten any room. This 56-inch by 13-inch decoration will always command attention with its large size and reminder to keep the good vibes going. With over 100 ratings, it has 4.4 stars, and a pleased reviewer even wrote, "This is by far one of my favorite purchases."

Purchase the Neooglroad Large Good Vibes Only Neon Sign on Amazon for $149.99.

Best rainbow LED wall decor: XIYUNTE Rainbow Neon Light

Whether you love colorful items, want to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community, or are looking for a fun decoration for your child's room, there are many reasons to check out this rainbow-shaped LED wall product. The colorful Amazon's Choice piece has dimensions of 0.6 inches deep by 11.8 inches wide by 6.7 inches high, and it has 4.6 stars with more than 600 ratings, earning high scores for being lightweight, shining bright, providing good value for the price, and having a helpful remote control feature.

Purchase the XIYUNTE Rainbow Neon Light from Amazon for $19.98.

Best romantic LED wall decor: Pottery Barn Blush Heart LED Wall Light

Do you want to impress that special someone with a piece of boldly romantic LED wall art? This adorable heart-shaped blush pink wall decoration is 28.5 inches long by 28.5 inches high and will create a more flirty atmosphere for any room inside your home. After all, no shape is more romantic than the classic heart, so the decoration can easily make your bedroom appear more romantic. It's a best-selling item, too, proving that shoppers enjoy lighting up their walls with the playful product.

Purchase the Blush Heart LED Wall Light at Pottery Barn for $99.

Best party-themed LED wall decor: Xtreme Martini Glass LED Neon Sign

Are you looking for the perfect LED wall decor to start any party? This lively wall decoration from Xtreme Digital Lifestyle Accessories looks like a delicious martini, convenient for setting the tone for a great night. With dimensions of 15.35 inches by 10.16 inches by 0.47 inches, this LED martini has 4.9 stars and a 100% recommendation rate at Home Depot. Pleased reviewers wrote, "Cool light," "Cool Martini Glass," and "So Bright, Great Design."

Purchase the Martini Glass LED Neon Sign at Home Depot for $24.25.

Best calming LED wall decor: JTLMEEN Cloud and Moon LED Neon Light

Although some LED wall decor pieces are excellent party-starters, other options can have the opposite effect, helping you feel calmer and more relaxed. This Amazon's Choice item has a soothing moon and cloud design, making it ideal for your bedroom if you want to look at something comforting before falling asleep. It has 4.4 stars with nearly 2,500 ratings, earning high scores for its style, brightness, sturdiness, and good value.

Purchase the JTLMEEN Cloud and Moon Led Neon Light on Amazon for $19.98.

Best floral wall decor: Homecor Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Anyone who appreciates floral home decor should check out this best-selling 3D LED floral wall decoration. The light-up bouquet-inspired wall decor is perfect for people who love flowers and has 4.4 stars with over 20,000 ratings. A pleased customer even wrote, "These may be my best Amazon purchase, ever! So beautiful, and easy to assemble. I love the little lights, and honestly, they are just stunning on my wall."

Purchase the Homecor Rustic Mason Jar Wall Sconces with Remote Control LED Fairy Lights and White Peony on Amazon for $29.99.

Best animal LED wall decor: Cowboy Frog Cool Cowboy Cat Neon Sign

Do you love cats and cowboy hats and have a sense of humor? This fun LED wall decoration from Cowboy Frog will make a hilarious addition to your wall, featuring a cat wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses. The 13.5-inch by 12.6-inch piece lets you control its brightness and has 4.7 stars with over 100 ratings. An impressed reviewer wrote, "Looks exactly as pictured, great quality and size, and is super bright."

Purchase the Cool Cowboy Cat Neon Sign on Amazon for $35.99.

Best empowering LED wall decor: Xtreme You're like Really Pretty Multi-color LED Neon Sign

Yes, "You're like really pretty" is an iconic quote from the movie "Mean Girls." So, if you like the movie, you'll probably appreciate this 22.44-inch by 25.6-inch LED wall art piece from Xtreme Digital Lifestyle Accessories. But even if you've never seen "Mean Girls," think of how lovely it will be to have a decoration on your wall that promotes confidence and reminds you and each of your guests how beautiful they are.

Purchase the You're like Really Pretty Multi-color LED Neon Sign at Home Depot for $72.26.

Best astrology LED wall decor: BerniceKelly The Zodiac Horoscope Neon Sign

You didn't think we'd forget about all the astrology enthusiasts who may be reading this, did you? This LED wall product from BerniceKelly lets you choose the symbol for your zodiac sign — whether you're an Aries, a Pisces, or any zodiac sign in between. It has 4.4 stars with more than 200 ratings, and a happy customer wrote, "Love this for my living space. Great energy and a nice little addition for my lighting setup."

Purchase The Zodiac Horoscope Neon Sign on Amazon for $13.99 and up, depending on the sign you choose.