The 15 Ways To Make The Biggest Change In Your Home With A Gallon Of Paint

Renovations can be intimidating. Finding a contractor and handing over your humble abode is easier said than done, but DIYs come with their own set of challenges. You don't want to attempt to change the cabinets and end up with a cupboard-less kitchen. Luckily, to breathe new life into your space, you don't need to grab the hammer — just get the paintbrush. From floor-to-ceiling changes to intricate detailing, a little paint can go a long way.

Subtle paint changes can create contrast for a dynamic look, draw eyes to a particular area, make the room appear larger, brighten the space, and uplift your mood. With a gallon of colorful liquid, you can redesign rooms and the entire feel of your home. Even if you're not a fan of bold hues, these paint renovations can still work for your aesthetic. Instead of picks from the rainbow, stick with a neutral color pallet — the monochrome look is trendy, too! See how you can transform your space with just some color.

Give the entrance a facelift

Your front door is a major part of your home, one everyone sees, from invited guests to those driving by. Switching up the color of your entryway can maximize curb appeal and give the entire front porch a renovated feel. Exterior paint with a glossy finish is the go-to for front doors, as it accentuates the feature and stands up to the weather elements. Stick with the classic shades or try unconventional colors to paint your front door for a stylish facelift.

What's up? A new ceiling

Giving the ceiling a fresh coat of paint will make a big impact on your home. White is a timeless color for this fifth wall, but not the only one deserving of the role. Light shades, like sky blue or powder pink, can make the room appear larger as it draws the eye upward, while darker tones, such as jet black or navy green, create a cozy and intimate feel.

The trusty accent wall

An accent wall is a tried-and-true way to instantly restyle a room only using paint. A wall with a statement piece like a mantel or bay window is a great place to start, as eyes are already drawn to the feature. Or you can create a new space that will grab everyone's attention by turning a blank canvas into a colorful one. Pick a shade for your accent wall that contrasts the other three to get the most depth out of this look.

Hand-paint stylish details

Instead of repainting an entire wall, you can hand-paint patterns to spice things up. This renovation requires a little skill and creativity but is doable. Hand-painted stripes or polka dots are simple patterns, and any unevenness will just add to the character of the custom design. However, if need be, wall stencils can help you create a wallpaper look with just paint.

Try the color block technique

Color blocking is a fun way to create contrast and play with color. Plus, there are multiple methods to incorporate the pattern. Give the north-south walls a different hue than the east-west ones, paint the bottom half of each wall a separate shade from its top, or only focus the distinct tone in the corners. It is a bold design, but you can keep it subtle with neutral and earthy colors.

Switch up traditional baseboards

You might not think about your baseboards until it is time to clean them, but they are the key to unlocking a fresh look. Painting the trim the same shade as the walls will blend the two and make the room appear more spacious. You can also use the molding for contrast by painting the baseboards in an opposite hue, undertone, or brightness and letting the walls pop.

Paint meets window frames

Similar rules for painting baseboards follow for the window frames. Coating window trims against the grain from the walls will draw eyes to the glass and the view beyond it. They'll become a new feature in your home, all from changing the color. You can also match them to the baseboards and doorframes or let the new window trim speak for itself.

Transform interior doors

Interior doors are another canvas for color. They don't have to be the traditional white or match its framing. Plus, not every door inside your home has to be the same color. Why not give the bathroom entrance a blue touch while the laundry room door gets gray? Even barely there pastels can make a huge impact on the interior style without punching you with bright tones.

Upcycle outdated furniture

A can of paint can breathe new life into outdated decor, so save money on buying new pieces and repaint your furniture like a pro. A fresh coat can even change the style era or design fingerprint of the piece, turning a mid-century coffee table into a modern art deco one. Wood, metal, plastic, glass, stone, and upholstery can be upcycled with paint. However, ensure the dye is compatible with the surface.

Restyle built-ins

Built-ins can also use a flick of the paintbrush. Adding a new color to the back paneling is a unique style choice that creates pockets of chic design. You can make the unit disappear by blending it into the walls or have it stand out by dressing it in a distinct shade. It's a piece you can have fun with and color block the drawers with the shelves or just paint its trim.

Respark the fireplace

Fireplaces are a stunning feature in the home, but that doesn't mean they're exempt from updates. Restyling the brick facade will make the entire room feel renovated. Plus, you can always strip the colorful coating when you're ready to see the original stone again. Just painting the mantel can also refresh the space. Try matching the shelf to the room's trim for a cohesive finish.

Give the vanity a new look

Every room can benefit from a paint job, including the bathroom. But we're leaving the walls alone and headed straight for the vanity. The average cost to replace a bathroom counter is $1,500, and the average for a gallon of paint is $25. With the latter, you get a custom look that can brighten the room, add flare, or take years off the design.

Refresh kitchen cabinets

Like the vanity, you can paint the kitchen cabinets to give the entire room a renovated feel. Let the cupboards be a pop of color with bright hues, paint the bottom shelving a different shade from the top, or change the back paneling for a peek-a-boo redecoration. They are a primary focus in any kitchen and greatly contribute to the overall design.

Don't replace countertops, paint them

Outdated countertops can be expensive to replace, but fortunately, laminate, wood, and tile counters just need a coat of paint. Neutrals like gray, black, and white are popular choices for the slabs, but don't be afraid to go bold with bright colors or earthy tones. However, once paint meets the counter, there is no going back as it is tedious to strip.

Splash some color on your backsplash

The backsplash is another part of the kitchen that, with some paint, can transform your space. You can stencil designs or simply pick a color of epoxy to roll over the tile. Think about the shade of your cabinets, counters, and walls when making a selection. The same technique can be used with other tiles around your house, but the bathroom needs extra precautions. Luckily, we have everything you need to know before you paint tile.