12 Showstopping Rooms That'll Convince You To Paint Your Trim Black

When it comes to interior design, the devil is in the details, and one often overlooked detail that can make a significant impact is the color of the trim. While traditional white trim has been a staple in homes for generations, a growing trend is challenging the status quo – black trim. Painting a room's trim black might seem unconventional, but it brings many stylish and functional benefits that can elevate your digs.

One of the top advantages of black trim is its versatility. It complements a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary. And you don't need to avoid using other colors and patterns; black trim looks just as stunning against a solid white wall as a playful wallpaper pattern. Black trim also adds something extra to any room by adding drama and contrast and grounding a space with sophisticated detail. And it's not just good-looking; it also manages to conceal plenty of smudges, dust, and other grime much better than stark white baseboards and trim. And when you see how great it can look in any room, you'll rush to the hardware store to pick up a can of black paint.

1. A little goes a long way

Black trim can make a huge impact, even if you limit it to one zone, such as the windowsill. This white-on-white room could feel cold and empty without the black window frames. The black window trim creates a visual focus that instantly cozies up the room. This is also a great choice if you have a window-heavy room with little wall space for hanging art.

2. Turn the bedroom into a sanctuary

Don't limit yourself to painting the baseboards black. Painting a ceiling and the surrounding molding black might seem beyond bold, and plenty shy away from such a dramatic choice, worrying that it will make a room feel smaller. But by dragging the black paint downward, this narrow bedroom feels intimate and atmospheric and highlights the details of the trim. We award extra points to extending the black paint even on the walls that lack molding, making for a much more cohesive look.

3. Warm up with black trim

One misconception about black paint is that it's cold and stark. But when used in a room with a rich, antique rug full of patterns and warm colors, it's anything but cold. In fact, while white walls with white trim work as a blank canvas, they can also feel sterile. We love the throw pillows in this room that lift the pattern and colors upward, creating a visual parallel between the ceiling trim and the rug and baseboards.

4. Kitchens look great with black trim

Forgo the tedious task of tiling your kitchen backsplash and try a bit of black-painted trim instead. It's sleek and will look lovely with almost any appliance color, such as stainless steel, black, or brass. It can also work with a more rustic or contemporary kitchen. Think of how the black backdrop will help highlight the colors of everyday objects, like the flower vase seen here or even a bowl of fresh produce. Plus, it won't show off all the grease stains and food spills around the stove and sink.

5. Be deliberate with your use of black

Not ready to commit to black trim in an entire room? Look for archways, bookshelves, and ceiling pendants to give a coat of black instead. In this space, the black-trimmed archway creates a photo-perfect frame of the sitting room from the hallway. This paint's glossy, mirror-like finish is also a bold choice that pays off, breaking up the visual space of the matte white walls and mirroring the gallery wall's black photo frames.

6. Ground rooms with high ceilings

Everybody dreams of having high, vaulted ceilings. But sometimes, these great heights come with great big problems. Namely, it can be hard for them to feel warm and complete. Solid walls, especially white walls, can make a space feel vast and empty rather than grand. Black trim, especially if extended to built-in cabinets, can help visually ground the space.

7. Create a gorgeous foundation for wallpaper

While funky wallpaper patterns can be trendy, black trim has a timeless and enduring quality. This combination ensures that, even as design trends evolve, the foundational elements of black trim maintain a classic and sophisticated appeal, providing long-lasting style to the space no matter what wallpaper you choose. This powder room is the perfect example of pairing a classic black battenboard with a groovy, organic wallpaper.

8. Don't fear black on black

Don't be afraid of black-on-black walls and trim. This living room shows how lovely and warm it can be when paired with rich blue, red, and orange. Different furniture styles are also a good addition, like the bronze modern coffee table and the French country chic entertainment center. Black trim and walls are the perfect backdrop for eclectic decor.

9. Elevate a builder-grade home

Contrast is key when using black paint on trims, banisters, and staircases, like the one seen here in a large, mostly white home. The modern room gets a dramatic treatment with the black staircase and railing. The dark, on-trend antique rug runner elevates the color choice, and mixing in sepia-toned artwork further distinguishes this stairway from a builder-grade suburban home.

10. Keep it playful

The key to doing maximalism right is balance. And black trim is the perfect foil to an outrageously busy (and gorgeous) wallpaper. Black is always cool, making it the perfect contrast. This combo is ideal for narrow spaces that would be otherwise overwhelmed by bold wallpaper, like a small hallway, powder room, pantry, or linen closet. Bonus points if the wallpaper print has pops of black as well.

11. More black than white

The full coverage of the black trim on the door frame, baseboards, ceiling molding, and wainscoting makes this family home look like a page of an interior design magazine. The modern pattern keeps the whole thing from becoming too dark, and the black backdrop makes paintings, gold-framed mirrors, and a natural wood dresser stand out beautifully without much fuss.

12. Create a focal point

The entryway staircase is one of the most neglected areas in the home. Stairs take a beating with all of the foot traffic and dragged-in debris. Giving them a coat of black paint evokes style and sophistication and does a great job standing up against shoe scuffs and dust. We especially like seeing the same black paint extend to the banister, door, and baseboards seen here, as this helps to naturally lead the eye toward the airy pavilion.