TikTok Shows You How To Easily DIY Those Stylish Floating Hexagon Shelves

Honeycomb shelves are a functional and stylish way to both add storage and display space to any wall. While these floating shelves come in a variety of sizes and finishes from many retailers, you may be looking for an inexpensive and budget-friendly DIY version, or a chance to make the shelves in a custom and unusual style or configuration. TikTok user @anikasdiylife recently showed off a great and easy-to-accomplish hack using raw pine boards, wood glue, and brad nails to create perfect six-sided shelves.

These homemade honeycomb shelves, single or in a configuration, are excellent for holding all manner of decor and functional objects in a variety of places in your home. Thicker ones can hold books or plants, while slimmer versions are perfect for small objects and keepsakes. Even better, all you need is around $20 in lumber supplies/materials and access to a miter saw to cut the appropriate angles for the project. You will also need painter's tape, sandpaper, and stain or paint.

Creating DIY hexagonal shelves

TikToker @anikasdiylife begins by cutting down the longer pine boards into shorter lengths of her shelves. You will need six identical lengths of wood, each one cut at a 30-degree angle on the ends, which will allow them to sit firmly together. You can measure each cut individually, or as a TikTok user suggested in the comments, create a stop clamped to the saw for an even cut each time. Once you have all the cuts. lay them out flat in a row, using painter's tape to secure the pieces together on the flat side. Flip them over and use wood glue in the V at each of the joists liberally. Begin to roll up the pieces to create your six-sided shape. The tape will hold the pieces together while you add the nails (Pine and Poplar recommends 1.25-inch brad nails in a similar DIY tutorial.)

Once you have the hexagon constructed, remove the tape and allow the wood glue to dry thoroughly before sanding any rough edges and preparing the surface for stain or paint. While this tutorial creates a single shelf, you can also build multi-shelf configurations. Fasten the hexagons together with additional nails, or build out directly from the shelf with more mitered lengths of wood. To hang on the wall, use D-rings or sawtooth hangers on the back of the shelves. 

Customizing your honeycomb shelves

These shelves are completely customizable in size and number, making them perfect for all manner of contents, from larger items like a stack of books to small decor pieces. You can float them individually on the wall for a minimalist look, or create a large honeycomb configuration in any shape and width you like. For larger shelves, start with 1x6 or 1x8-inch pine boards, or for smaller, narrow shelves, use 1x3 or 1x4-inch pieces.

Try these shelves in any room. They make great additional storage in a bathroom or are perfect for displaying mugs and small decor items in a kitchen. Fill them with toys and stuffed animals in a child's room, or create a cool floating indoor plant stand. Even empty, the shelves make a unique and cultural piece on a blank wall. Depending on the finish or stain, the shelves can easily fit a number of decor styles, including mid-century modern, boho, or industrial.